8 November 2018

Fall 2018

Look, I know Halloween was a good week ago now but potions are good all year round so here's some snaps!

Halloween mini's are available all year round at fourlittlewalls.com

Also going to gloss over the fact that the blog's been silent for 6 months.
Long story short, I had fallen out of love with all things mini and after briefly considering a doll's house shaped bonfire decided it might be better to just hit pause.
It seems to have done the trick , I'm back working on some fun little houses for Xmas and looking forward to blogging a bit more regularly again. 

In non-doll's house news, I've gone back to Uni.
After nearly not applying at all, I bit the bullet and got a place on MA Arts & Lifestyle Journalism at London College of Communication.
Loving it so far, and I'm definitely a better behaved student at 31 than I was at 18! (No 2am deadline panics yet!) , might share some articles here when I'm feeling a bit braver!

So, back at it.
Looking forward to resuming the doll's house tours, if you have a house you're keen to share, drop me a line, would love to hear from you!

26 May 2018

Bedroom furniture update

It's been forever since I worked on the smaller of my two doll's houses.
This little one was the first house, built by my Dad when I was little, a sweet, 4 room Georgian style house that I've re-decorated more times than I care to count!

It's pretty much empty at the moment ( I have slightly favoured the Blenheim house and nicked most of the furniture out of this one to put in there!) but with the room dimensions being quite small for a 1:12 it can be tricky finding pieces that work sometimes.

So what do you do when you can't find what you want? Well, you try and cobble it together yourself!
I used a simple, bare wood chest of drawers for this little update, painting it blush pink, and it turned out pretty much exactly as I hoped it would.
I went for 'D' shaped drawer handles for a more contemporary feel in a polished silver/ chrome finish. (Though the more I look at them the more I wish they were rose gold but perhaps that's just my inner, insufferable hipster talking! haha)

Anyway, it works! For anybody interested, the bed is a beautiful, handmade, metal frame I've had for about 16 years (not sure of the maker!) , the trestle desk was a broken piece of stock form the website, plants are hand made and the mirror is by Mostly Miniature.

I'll let you into a secret, I've not shown a full length shot because I ran out of drawer handles, will take some more snaps when the bottom drawer is finished!
Excited to finish the other rooms too now we've got the all rolling so watch this space for updates!

24 May 2018

Shopping: Plant power

Who doesn't love a plant?

The saving grace of many a sad rented room, student halls, and dreary office spaces the world over, they are currently an interior designers best friend and a home styling favourite.  
Of course, this all great news for doll's house lovers too!
Today we celebrate the transformative power of the plant with some fantastic, 1:12 scale Etsy finds. 
Easy on the eye and even easier to keep alive, bring the outside indoors and treat yourself to one of these little beauts. 

Miniatures by Emy - Caladium
I LOVE the colouring and detail that has gone into the tiny leaves of this little plant. Super realistic.Handmade in Sweden. 

MiniHomeCo. - Poted plant :succulentFor simple, boho beach vibes pop over to MiniHomeCo. Etsy store. Pot plant also available in a long grass variety.

MostlyMiniature - Monstera print wallpaper
 Ok, so not strictly speaking a tiny plant but if you really want to commit to a theme I highly recommend investing in this wallpaper by Steph at Mostly Miniature. (The eagle eyed among you may have spotted it in the bathroom of my own Blenheim doll's house, hangs like a dream and looks exactly how I pictured it!)
Produced in Australia.

SmallFunShop - Tropical grass in copper planter

We're ticking two trend boxes here with not just plants but copper too. Don't know about you but I can't get enough of these! Made in the USA.
TinyMinds - Rusty tub of escheverias
This tub is insanely cute. How perfect would it be on your 1:12 scale balcony/ porch/ bathroom, well anywhere really!
Made in the UK. 

23 May 2018

Mini Makers: Zzeng Mini

Image by @zzeng_mini

Hi all,

Sorry for the radio silence! A few curve balls behind the scenes to deal with but excited to be back at it and writing up some new blog posts!

Keeping it short and so, super sweet this evening and sharing one of my absolute fave mini makers with you all.

@zzeng_mini is a miniaturist from South Korea.
I stumbled upon this breathtaking work on instagram a year or two ago and my mind is continuously blown by the skill and sheer level of patience it must take to create these pieces.
Would you look at this light. Just LOOK at it.
(Incidentally, looking is all we mere mortals can do as the artist does not currently make to sell, these beauts are purely for admiration!)

The most recent show stoppers for me, with out a doubt are those pastel and gold chairs.
They look good enough to eat don't they?! (Is that a weird reaction to have for a chair? Either way, they are STUNNING.)

Image by @zzeng_mini

Image by @zzeng_mini

And this table setting is pretty much what my sister has been describing for a real, life, full-sized wedding. Handy way of trying out table settings ahead of the big day, hey?!

Image by @zzeng_mini

If you're on IG do hop over and make sure you're following @zzeng_mini for more, dreamy, 1:12 scale inspiration!

19 March 2018

Book Club: Miniscapes by Clea Cregan


I'm pretty sure this is the first Book post we've had here on FLW so I'm excited to share this one with you today not least because we're combining it with a cheeky little give away. (Details at end of this post.)

Miniscapes: Create your own terrarium, leapt off the shelf and into my hands a while back now, the combination of tiny things and delicate looking plants was too much for me to resist!
That and gardening that can fit into a jar, which in turn fits into tiny, rented accommodation holds huge appeal!

Clea Cregan authors this comprehensive and beautifully photographed guide to putting together and caring for your own terrarium.

My favourite chapter, predictably, has to be 'Pimp your terrarium' where Clea shares tips for styling and adorning your own miniscape.

Top props include, miniature figurines and crystals, so many options to play around with!!
I would of course advise that, unlike me, you don't skip the other chapters detailing how to keep the plants alive.

This is exactly the inspiration I needed this week as am currently crying out for Spring and the end of this cold, grey, terribly British weather!!!

If you're feeling inspired to give Terrarium making a go and would love to get your paws on a copy you're in luck!

To win a hard back copy of Miniscapes simply share this post and comment below to be entered into the draw.
A winner will be picked at random on Sunday 25th March. 

Good luck you green fingered bunch!

Can't wait to see if you're a winner?
Miniscapes is available online and in good book stores now!
Full details below.

Miniscapes: Create your own terrarium by Clea Cregan
Published by Hardie Grant Books
RRP: £14.99
ISBN: 9781743791400
ISBN-10: 1743791402 

1 March 2018

House Tour : Hello Little Darling

In a week of snow storms and icy cold temperatures I couldn't be more thrilled to share this house tour with you!

Timoney Honeywood, aka. Hello Little Darling, created this Bohemian beauty for her young daughter. Setting herself a budget and some creative challenges along the way the result is this vibrant doll's house, modelled on her own family home and packed full of exciting textures and lovingly, hand made pieces, it really is something special.

It's always brilliant getting to know a little more about the person behind the Instagram account so I was really chuffed when Timoney, a London girl now living across the pond in theUSA,  kindly took some time to talk more about this eye-catching, labour of love.

Hi Timoney, thanks so much for having a chat with us!
We're huge fans of your Bohemian style, what do you feel inspires your projects the most? 

As a child I was always creating, drawing, painting and making things! 
My Mum dressed me in a Dutch clothing brand (Oilily). The clothes were covered in very vibrant and colourful patterns. I absolutely loved the Oilily clothes magazine that would come out twice a year, (I still have a lot of the magazines). I would sit for hours and hours, studying the designs, colours, patterns and textiles. 
I didn’t realise it at the time but I think this was one of my major inspirations and strongly influenced the way I decorate and combine colours, patterns and textiles today. Interior design and mixed media art are my main two creative outlets.

So tell us, how did the doll's houses start?
A few years ago I was given an old and very simple, wooden dollhouse, I decided to paint it white and decorate it for my daughter Evangeline.

The house was fairly basic, I didn’t want to spend too much money on it so I bought most of the furniture from eBay, the rest of the items I made or repurposed from small items I had. Evangeline loved the dollhouse so much, she played with it constantly for two years. When I saw how much she played with it, I decided to do another dollhouse project and make her an “upgrade”. 
 And what an upgrade it was! Looks like you had a lot of fun creating this little house.
 How did you go about it?

A few months before Christmas I saw a beautiful dollhouse for sale on Facebook market place, it was only $25 , I bought it with the intentions of renovating in time for Christmas Day. I set my budget for this project at $100. My plan was to create her a dollhouse based on the style of our real house. I didn’t want it to be for show, I particularly wanted my daughter to have a dollhouse that she could actually play with. I would describe the style as a real mix up of what I love, mid-century modern furniture, lots of plants (I love plants!).  As much as I love mad , crazy “maximalist” design I also love minimal , Scandinavian design, (as you can see from the black and white rugs, sofas etc.) I guess it’s quite bohemian. I do have a lot of fun mixing things up and fusing all the styles together. I especially love combining crazy patterns and colours together! 

I found lots of colourful rugs on eBay and I had a shoebox filled with kantha scraps that I used to create more rugs and bedding. I tried to find as many miniature items of the exact things we had in our house.
Some items I bought then customised, the skull mounted in the living needed something extra so I hand painted a design on it with the tiniest paintbrush I could find. 
My friend Chloe Avery, who is an incredible fiber artist made me a custom miniature suzani, to match the hand embroidered Indian suzani I have in my bedroom. I tried to stick to 1:12 scale , however I didn’t stick to this too strictly, if something was off scale but really cool I just included it anyway. The rest of the items came from eBay, Etsy shops, craft shops and Instagram stores.

I just discovered a @smallfunshop a week before Christmas and ordered the finishing touches from there! My real size home is a rental and I’m quite restricted to what I can do with it. I’ve always wanted to cover an entire wall with beautiful colourful tiles, because I couldn’t do colourful tiles in my real house I decided to do them in the dollhouse instead! I found the small scale tiles on Etsy. I think my favourite things in the house are the suzani hanging above the bed and the Frida Kahlo portrait in the bathroom! My Grandfather and I were still finishing up the last details of the dollhouse on Christmas Eve. The project took a few months, that time was mainly spent gathering the items. It was absolutely worth it, my daughter loved her Christmas present! 

See more of Timoney's distinctive style and work over on Instagram, @hellolittledarling