22 January 2018

Mini Maker: Wickerville

Originally featured in December 2013 issue of Doll's House & Miniature Scene
Images property of Marie @ Wickerville

Today we meet the maker behind these stunning, wicker miniatures.

My first glimpse of Californian based, Wickerville ,was via Instagram, after oggling at various breathtaking photos’s the profile then lead me an Etsy store where my eyes were met with some of the most intricate, miniature wicker work I’ve had the pleasure to see in ages!
Of course the next logical step was to get in touch with Marie, the maker behind Wickerville , who was thrilled to share details of her miniatures and how her small scale enterprise came to be!

What came first for you, collecting or making miniatures?
'I started making miniature's 31 years ago when my daughter was two years old. I came across a dollhouse while out shopping one day and when it came time to furnish the dollhouse, it was hard to find items in the era I wanted to set it in, which was the Victorian.  What I did manage to find was very expensive at the time, so I decided to try and make some items myself, the rest is history!
I’ve been making pieces for Dollhouse Boutiques, Press and Museums. My pieces have been featured in local newspapers as well as Dollhouse and Victorian magazines.  I’ve done a few trade shows, but now I like to create at my own pace and have recently tapped into larger scale for dolls 8-10 inches." 

How long does it generally take to create a Wickerville piece?
"It ranges from 3-6 weeks. I like to give each piece  a lot of thought, each one has been carefully researched to its origin of time of the twentieth century, where I blend it with my own personal touch.  Also no two pieces are alike. I prefer to use old vintage materials and lace for the trimming. Many of which came from family heirlooms dating back over generations."

 What would be your dream Wickerville project ? (if you've not created it all ready!)

"I have created many items, including clothing, baby shoes, bouquets made from real flowers, frames with real antique family portraits. Whatever comes to mind I'm determined to create it, there is never an end to new designs. I'm always trying to find new inspiration everywhere. I don't have a particular goal or piece that I am aiming to create. My goal is to keep on creating for as long as I can. Hoping that people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them."

All aboard to Wickerville!
Be sure to visit Marie’s Etsy store at: www.etsy.com/uk/people/Wickerville


  1. All I can say is WOW! The pieces you've shown are Out of This World!!!

    1. Incredible aren't they! I can't imagine having that much patience. Marie has such a talent.