9 January 2018

Mini Maker: Menutmon

Original article published in Doll's House & Miniature scene magazine, September 2013
Images property of Menutmon

When I made the decision to make doll’s house miniatures a (semi) full time occupation there was a nagging worry at the back of my mind that making my favourite past time my job might suck the joy out of it? Kill the passion for mini’s dead?
Well, clearly this obsession is deeply rooted and I still get thrills of excitement discovering new makers and unusual pieces.
While trawling through Etsy listings I stumbled across this little gem of a store! Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to a sugary pink high cooler, 1:12 scale at the bottom of the screen.

I had stumbled upon the marvellous, miniature creations of Amparo, the clever brain behind Spanish miniature store, Menutmon.
The shop banner declared  “a new concept in modern doll’s house furniture” I was hooked, slipping into a bit of a mini, shopping trance.
Each item has a fresh, exciting appeal with contemporary designs and stylish colour options; my mini wish list instantly grew about a mile!
From the retro pink high coolers, to elegant bedroom furniture with delicate floral engravings, I vowed to give a home to ALL of them!
Once I’d regained my composure and reminded myself that the bank balance would not withstand such over indulgence, I instead got in touch with Amparo to find out more about Menutmon miniatures and the maker behind them.

What first inspired you to start making miniatures?
I work making scale models and had a project for a TV spot a few years ago. I had to make a lot of miniature pieces, furniture, accessories, and so on. By the time the project was finished, I was in love with the miniatures and began experimenting with new styles. It’s taken two years to develop all the furniture.”

So you’re convert! How many doll’s houses (if any) do you currently have in your collection?
“I began work on my first doll’s house this year.”

If you had to choose just one piece as your favourite from the Menutmon collection, what would it be?

If I had to choose one, only one?!  That’s very difficult because there many special pieces for me but the high cooler, curved commode (dresser) & double beds feature highly!”

Need some Menutmon pieces in your life too?!


  1. I agree 100% with your assessment of Amparo's Amazing work; I have one of his gas ranges and I love it!
    But one of the most surprising features for me about his products, as well as their incredible colors, is their physical weight- his items are Built to Last!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Ahh, mini envy, those gas ranges are gorgeous! I do like little pieces that are reassuringly heavy!
      Definitely on my wish list. x

    2. and Definitely a good investment :)

  2. Amazing items, thanks for the link.
    Drora xxx