14 January 2016

Mixing Miniature Scales

Hands up who gets in a pickle over doll's house scale sizes?

I still do from time to time, especially when ordering bits from strange, far away websites!

There's a lot to say on scales and I'm working on a more in depth guide to share, in the mean time I wanted to show some quick experiments with combining different scale pieces together.

My bottom line is do you like the mini? Yes or No.
If yes, then who cares if it's meant to match or not?!

We have mis-match furniture in our real homes, with scaled down bits for kids and novelty, oversize accessories so I see no reason for doll's houses to be any different.
If a piece of furniture really is totally the wrong size and I love it then it'll just be displayed on it's own on a shelf somewhere.

1inch represents 1 foot
This is my miniature comfort zone!
I've found 1:12 to be the most commonly available scale for collectors items as well as their junior counterparts.
FYI, all of Four Little Walls products are currently 1:12 scale, (though I'm on the brink of a vintage doll's house reno so we'll see how that new obsession unfolds!).

This scale tends to be affiliated mostly with vintage items and houses and is also, approximately, the scale that works best for Sylvanian Families.
(Though depending on which little animals and furniture you have they also work in 1:12 so it's all a great excuse to play!)
It's a tiny bit smaller than the standard 1:12 scale and depending on the item you could easily blend the two scales.

I was given a bag of vintage doll's house furniture, rescued from a house clearance, I loved the mid-century style of a few of the pieces , though they weren't quite the right size for my 1:12 house, undeterred, I had a little mess around and quickly found ways to make them work without looking out of place.

Maybe you do the same with your minis or maybe you're a true-to-scale, purist?
Feel free to share any pointers!


1:16 scale kitchen furniture

1:16 kitchen table works perfectly as a coffee table with 1:12 chair and accessories 

I've used the 1:16 kitchen unit and chair in a 1:12 nursery to suggest child size furniture

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