7 October 2015

Pale and Interesting : Pumpkin tutorial

Ok, I know Halloween is still basically a month away but I do like to plan ahead when it comes to festivities!

Feeling it was about that time of year again to start cooking up a batch (or should that be patch?!) of Pumpkins I dusted off the Fimo stash and got cracking on these little treats. 

Rather than the traditional and more orthodox orange, I opted for white. 
Initially I'd thought I'd finish them with a little layer of dirt for authenticity but actually I quite like them as they are for now, more Fairytale than Horror Story!

If you favour the Shabby Chic things in life or maybe want a slightly more contemporary look for your pint sized Halloween decorating then these are the Pumpkins for you!

If you fancy having a crack at making your own take a look at a tutorial over here

Alternatively, if you'd rather leave the messy part to others, here's some I made earlier! 

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