13 October 2015

New Arrivals & a Sad Farewell


I've got lots of delicious looking new minis to show you but before that we've got some happy and some sad updates to share.

Those of you that follow along on Instagram may already be aware that last week Pepé the piggy died suddenly.
The fur ball has broken my heart! 
It was very unexpected and poor baby Bertie has been left with out a room mate after they'd bonded so nicely. :( 

You'll be missed little one!

In happier news, Mum & Dad (once again my current room mates!) have taken the plunge and adopted a new dog after losing our little mascot Honey at the beginning of the year.

Presenting Bracken the border collie!

He's a gorgeous 1 yr old rescue dog and already life here will never be the same!
He's got so much more energy than poor old Honey ever did so he'll be off to puppy school next week to channel his enthusiasm ! 
I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of him as he settles in.

On the mini front, I've just added the first of many new treats to the shop. 
Some made by me, most carefully picked from lovely suppliers.

There's lots of seasonal items, new essentials and re-stocked favourites to have a browse through.



  1. Oh no! Poor little Pepe! So sad for you and Bertie, sending condolences from me and comforting gentle wheeks from Alf and Noddy.
    Bracken looks a likely lad, he'll keep you all busy with plenty of walks required.

  2. Oh no! :[ They always leave us too soon. Sending you good wishes.

  3. cuanto siento tu perdida, siempre es duro perder un miembro de la familia
    y me alegro por ese nuevo miembro que parece que os dara mas de una alegri y algun que otro dolor de cabeza

    las minis son geniales



  4. Cuanto lamento la muerte de Pepé,imagino la pena en tu corazón! Pero la llegada de Bracken os va a dar muchas alegrías,es una de las razas de perro más inteligentes,los adoro!!!!
    Tus nuevas miniaturas son muy bonitas!!