9 December 2014

Sneaky Doll's House Style: Oliver Bonas

Since starting my day job I have been wrestling  with a daily, internal struggle.

I pass not one but two Oliver Bonas stores on the way to the office.

One is basically a corner shop,  it's awful. Really.

Last minute cards, pay day treats, emergency work outfits (for those days you arrive at work and realise that while you dressed appropriately for the central line in a heat wave, you are in fact, basically naked.)
I, tragically, always find something that needs to come home with me.

Whilst wistfully pawing through the furniture selection I was struck by the how mini-friendly a lot of their pieces were.

Take a look and tell me I'm wrong?!

Some may say it's simply storage, to the trained eye, a sneaky, secret doll's house.

Oliver Wood, Side Table. £245

On the off chance Father Christmas is reading , my fave is the pink… !

Mirrored Shelving Unit, £120

Mix Match Shelving Unit, £169


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