11 December 2014

14 sleeps : Last Post Dates

Not sure where the time's gone but there's just 14 sleeps left till Christmas!
I'm yet to do ANY shopping.

It really would be much easier if all my loved ones just succumbed to the bug and got doll's houses…(all in good time, my evil plan  for world wide, miniature domination will come into effect eventually.)

There's still time to pick up some mini, festive essentials but time is ticking!

USA: Friday 12th December
Europe: Saturday 13th December
UK: Saturday 20th December

(Please note: These dates are guidelines devised from Royal Mail 's cut off dates and Four Little Walls own time commitments. I cannot accept responsibility for delayed mail.)

Dish of Sprouts, £3.00

Sleigh Kit, 

Assorted Tea, Coffee & China

Red Welly Boots, 

Roast Turkey, £8.50

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