10 June 2013

Honey I shrunk IKEA!

If you love all things IKEA and modern miniatures, I suspect many of you reading do, prepare to do a little wee of excitement!!

Those clever swedes have created the  pint sized HUSMET range, miniature versions of some of their much loved, life sized pieces.

Now technically, this is intended for children, but since when has that ever stopped us?!

I shall now be counting the days as the range is
  not available to buy until 1st August 
but at least that's time enough to plan where everything is going to go!

I'll leave you with some eye candy.

(All images are copyright to IKEA)


  1. Wow, Thank you! I'll be there the first of August :D

  2. Ma che bello! Speriamo che anche in Italia arrivi....!Grazie, un saluto, Manu

  3. It looks like i will have to make the trek to Ikea in august.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this great news!

  5. Wow! Are they 12th scale and everything?!

    1. Hey aLittleBlonde, not sure what scale it is, it's part of the kids range so maybe a little bit bigger than 1:12 but some bits might still work. If not i'll be plying my best friends little girl with it so still get to play! haha x

  6. Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken them so long to come up with this. XD

  7. Ahhhhhhhh finally!!! Hope they make this available here in Singapore! *scoots off to investigate* thanks for the heads up!