5 April 2013

In the Attic: mini makeover


Well, I accidentally took the week off this week. Naughty.

The bank holiday obviously didn't help, and then I took it easy on Tuesday as my Mum had the week off. Then, just as I was about to head back up to the attic (Four little walls HQ) the ring main blew, knocking out all power on two floors of the house. Marvellous.

I took it as a sign from the powers that be to spend some some time on my own doll's
house, since I couldn't get on with much else that would be productive. (Well, there was housework but if you know me then you know how utterly laughable THAT idea would be.)

This is a little before/ after of the attic (the mini one!).

To be fair, this wasn't a terrible room, but the walls were only that colour because that's the paint I had at the time. Then the lino only went in because I thought it went well with the paint. It was going to be a bathroom, but then I thought against putting plumbing in the attic. 
Also, it's a bit impractical having to go up x4 flights of stairs if you're in the kitchen and suddenly need the loo isn't it?! (Obviously a purely fictional problem what with it bearing a DOLL'S HOUSE and all but still, these things need consideration don't they?!)

It's a work in progress, still needs skirting boards and a fireplace but I am very much in love with the wallpaper. It's now a child's room, while the nursery is being made more baby orientated, so I suspect the good toys will all move in here eventually!


  1. Me encantan las baldosas del suelo y con las paredes en rojo le dan mucha vida.

  2. Good to hear I'm not the only who puts that much thought into where the bathroom should go in a dollhouse. XD

    That space looks much better now. I love the wood panel floor. :)

    1. At least there's no actually tiny plumbing to factor in...not yet anyway!! (Imagine?!) haha
      Thanks, much happier with it now. Now just that bathroom to get on with.
      Kat x

  3. Congratulations on the new look of your attic! :) The space looks more put together. I've always wanted to have a room in the attic because it's secluded and peaceful up in that area.

  4. I like your renovation.
    Greetings, Faby

  5. The attic bedroom is so girly and I love it so much! You know what pieces work together, and look at the outcome! :) Attic bedrooms are love because it's very quiet and peaceful in that part of the house.