2 March 2013

Stuff & things: Mums mini's !

It has finally happened.

My Mum is getting a doll's house!!

She's picked it out already and has decided it's going to be a toy shop (yours truly will be doing the dirty work!)

Of course the collecting has started already, LOVE all of them.

Have a little look.


  1. Hi! Your mum got taste! Love love love the little bunny. Does your mum know that with owning a dollhouse she also has a responsibility to show of her work in the Blog-O-sphere!? ;o
    The train set looks awesome but the bunny is my favorite. Wishing you and your mum a great weekend! hug AM

  2. Haa THERE'S an idea!!

    Yeah the bunny is pretty high up there but think my personal fave is the tortoise (a bit biased, I got him as a mini version of our actual tortoise, Norman!)

    You have a great weekend too.
    Kat x

  3. I see you switched parts. The daughter (child) bring toys to the mother.
    Great little toys. You and your mother have fun collecting and creating.
    Hugs, Drora