17 March 2013

Shopping: St Patricks party!

Happy St Paddy's day!

For some the day won't have a great deal of impact, for others it will be a day celebrating heritage and tradition and having a good old knees up, for many (at least here in the UK) it's a great excuse to get rip roaring drunk whilst putting on appalling Irish accents.

Whilst the thought of the pub is a tempting one I'm going to be restrained and crack on with some work,(sigh) I have however pulled together some vital ingredients for a small scale soiree . Enjoy!
Dress to impress in this little hat by aMusing miniatures

We can rely on Homeward flight to provide delicious looking treats
How amazing is this shamrock bread with anitpasto?!
Or for the sweet toothed among you indulge in this cute, iced cookie selection

As for the liquor, well obviously Guinness is in the mix, today our little pint's are being poured by Cinen

Or for something stronger, (well it would be rude not to!) I will provide the whiskey. 

A mini splash of Jameson's whiskey, (currently 25% off too)



  1. Sláinte!
    Thank you so much for posting my little Leprechaun Hat, Kat! I'm planning a nice Irish Coffee a bit later-heavy on the Irish, not so the coffee. Cheers! Jennifer

  2. I am now trying to recover from St. Patrick's day hehe
    Hugs Maria