13 September 2012

Win a Roombox : Extension!

Ok, I confess, I may have momentarily forgotten I was supposed to be drawing a winner for the room box...two weeks ago.

Seeing as we're now 2 weeks into September I've decided to just extended the competition, so if you've not entered yet there's still time!

All you need to do is answer my nosy questions about your dolls houses. Anybody leaving their name and contact details will be entered into the draw (which WILL happen on September 30th!)

Remember, the winner can decide if they want their room box decorated or left bare, so good luck.
Very excited to be giving one of these away!!

Polite notice: If you have already entered please don't enter again as you may be preventing somebody else from having their chance. (Survey only allows a limited number of responses.)

I would also like to stress your details will not be shared with ANYBODY and the only person that can see your responses is me. I know a few of you had concerns that the survey was part of a larger, market research company but rest assured, no. Just me! :)


  1. What a generous Giveaway! I would love to win a piece of your work! I love roomboxes as I have one dollhouse and have room only for roomboxes now! I enjoy following along with your blog! Thank you! carolyn

  2. i think i have entered before...but had done your interview via this blog..now via facebook...well..you will see to that!! :)
    Wonderful giveaway...love it!!!! Good luck to all!!! :)

  3. I'm happy it's still going! It occurred to me the other day that the end of August had come and gone and you hadn't announced a winner...thought maybe I just hadn't won. Now I'm back in there with a chance!

  4. Very nice your Giveaway! I entered now! I really wanna win it!