24 September 2012

Name that Monkey!


Frantically painting and gluing and getting lots of new stock ready for the website. With everything going on I've neglected to think of a name for my own latest addition, so I'm handing it over to you!

This handsome chap found his way into my hands at Miniautra on Saturday. I loved his little jacket and sticky up hair. :)

All suggestions welcome! I'll pull one out of a hat at the weekend, the monkey will be christened and the name giver sent a mini book of their choice (titles to follow!) to say thanks.
So, name that monkey!!!

**UPDATE** 27/9/2012

Apologies for the horrible, blurry, picture but here's a little peek at the books the winner can choose from!

Beatrix potter - Jemima Puddle duck, Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny or Mrs Tiggy Winkle (not shown)
The Frog Prince
Penguin Fiction - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Brighton Rock, War of the Worlds
50 Shades of Grey


  1. I would name him Bobo! He is really, really sweet! xo Jennifer

  2. I'm not going to lie, I like the Bobo name too. :)
    But after thinking for a bit and trying be original I thought he could also look like a Mike.
    He is super adorable regardless of name!

  3. Aww he is a cutie. I'd name him 'Fonzie' I think... After 'the fonz' from happy days (old tv show) as he looks like a bit of a cool dude ;)

  4. que gracioso el monito , a mi me gusta el nombre de Coco



  5. Macintosh sounds like a monkey's name. Macky for short.

  6. Not sure why but the jacket reminds me a bit of The Beatles so I say "Ringo"! LOL, JJ Creations xxx

  7. its so cute!!!!i ll give him a Greek name ''Socrates''

    a few word about him:
    Socrates lived in Athens (470 BC or 469 BC - 399 BC) was a Greek Athenian philosopher and one of the major figures of Greek and world culture and civilization and one of the founders of Western philosophy . in his philosophical inquiries watching him many, particularly young people, who felt pleasure listening to him speak and talk about issues socially, politically, morally and religiously. This has formed around him a group that was not a school, why not Socrates taught systematically, but picking at every point of the city, with people of every social class and unlike the Sophists did not take money from students.


  8. How about Sergeant Pepper?His little coat reminds me of the Beatles album...I also like Marvin.