7 June 2012

The Dolls house magazine : July 2012


Super excited as the July issue of Dolls house mag has just landed on the doormat!

It's bursting with all kinds if mini, summer treats, including ice creams and wetsuits!
It also just happens to have my little column in it.

This month I witter on about the joys of printables. Ooooh!


  1. I just downloaded this issue onto my tablet and really liked your article! I am Canadian but actually prefer the British Dollhouse Magazines to the American ones. My Nana grew up in London and my Dad is full blooded Irish (His Dad was born in Ireland, then the family immigrated, his mum was conceived in Ireland) so I guess I come by my love of all thinks British naturally!
    I checked out the links you listed at the end of your article and the mywebecomplanet one wouldn't come up! Any advice on how to find that link? I love those vintage signs that appear in the article. I will follow you on Pinterest and you're welcome to follow me as well. I have a Dollhouse and Miniatures Board and I just started a DIY Dollhouse and Miniatures Board. You're also welcome to check out my blog, MyKraftyLife, although it may not be that exciting, as I am very much a beginner! Congrats on your article appearing in Dollhouse Magazine :)
    If you haven't checked it out, do stop by the Mini Wiki Treasures Dollhouse and Miniatures Board. You can look up any subject and find a tonne of information and occasionally printies.

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks so much for getting in touch, I'm still a little nervous about writing for the mag, at least on here it's my own and no one's had to pay to read so very glad you liked it!Love that you got it on your tablet too, downloaded a copy to my phone so i can get a little mini fix where ever. :)
    I just tried the same link and also had no luck, odd as I originally found it on a google search!
    Luckily I had the printies saved and the designers name was on the page so managed to trace it for you,


    cut and paste the link if it doesn't work from here (not sure if it can on comment posts?)
    Looking forward to checking out your blog and pinterest, love having a nosey! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for your speedy reply Kat! And I'm touched that you're now following me on Pinterest :) I appreciate you posting the link. Here are some more good websites that are exclusively devoted to free printies: http://cwoolse.tripod.com/miniprintables/
    And you should definitely check out Joann Swanson's Blog. She posts the best projects: http://joannswansondiyminiatures.blogspot.ca/
    I've recently discovered a way to make printies look more realistic. Print them onto fabric sheets with an inkjet printer! I finally tracked down these fabric sheets at my local paint supply store, as well as the elusive YES glue, which can be sanded after it has dried.
    Oh, how addictive (and expensive) the mini hobby can be!
    Happy mini making!