3 February 2012

Week 5: Love letters

It's finally February! Hooray!

We're taking a little break from interiors for the next fortnight, instead I'll be romancing you with some 1:12 scale treats.

Now, flirty Tweets and Facebook comments are all well and good, perhaps you even get the occasional 'poke'? Although, between you and me , I've not been 'poked' for months.
Is it not the done thing anymore?

I digress.

The point is, no amount of clicking and hitting 'like' can replace that little flutter of excitement from getting good, old fashioned post.

Whether from your BFF, your Aunty or your tall, dark mysterious lover it's just lovely to know that someone thought of you long enough to sit down and put pen to paper.

(Significantly longer than it takes to 'LOL' on your latest status before continuing to scroll down the screen.)

Plus, it's refreshing to get something through the letterbox that isn't bills or an Indian takeaway menu.

So, today's little project.
Teeny, tiny love letters.

What I used:
Photo mount corners
Assorted threads and string
Small paper flowers

What I did:
This is really a very simple one and great as a finishing touch to mini cabinets and dressing tables.

The corners were from the Kraft collection at paperchase, paper flowers can be found in most craft shops.

Simply take the photo mount corner and fold the triangular edge over onto itself...done!

Well not quite, obviously you'll want to add little details such as hand written addresses or stamps.
Try binding a bundle of folded corners together with thin bakers twine or pretty thread.

For a romantic touch, I slipped a single paper Rose under the string. Ahhh.

If you're not quite inspired enough to pick up a pen let me leave with this little gem of letter writing propaganda...

This handsome chap here is my lovely Grandad, in Italy, sometime towards the end of WWII.

He and Nan married in June 1938, the day before he went away to fight.
They spent the next four years almost constantly apart, aside from Grandad's leave breaks.

No email. No skype. No texting.

What they did have were letters, and our Granddad had a wonderful way with words.

After a safe reunion and 68 years of marriage, they passed away just 10 weeks apart.
It was then that we found the little stacks of letters and diaries Grandad had written during the war, and that Nan had stored carefully ( ish) in her dressing table alongside photos, discarded sainsburys receipts, and half eaten packets of mint imperials.

Lovely stuff.

So, maybe this Valentines day, don't settle for digital declarations of love. No lady was ever wooed inside 140 characters.
Do it the old fashioned way, spell it out and don't forget to S.W.A.K



  1. Delicious! The depth and humor cornered my mind and beat me about the head and neck with joyous abandon. Let this post's luster shine onto the heavens!

  2. My picture isn't posting! I HATE you Blogger!