23 January 2012

Stuff & things: Brighton adventures

Another day, another meander about the lanes.
My laptop just blew up and I don't own a Tv so I'm trying to keep my unemployed self from going completely stir crazy with...walking.

Today's discoveries included more mini / jewellery displays. This time in Baroque in the Lanes.

I also took a moment to oggle the new Choccywoccydoodaa window display.
Didn't make me want spend my last pennies on a boat load of chocolate at all. No siree. I backed away from the confectionary and instead spent my last £5 on tiles at Fired earth. I can't tell you what they're for yet. All will be revealed soonish.


  1. I LOVE Baroque...one of the jewelers, Ian Macintosh, designed and made my engagement and wedding ring x

  2. Your blog keeps asking me to prove I'm not a robot. Wouldn't it know that from my FIRST comment? I'd like to file a grievance..

    Oh..nice post..