14 June 2016

Plant Power : New Arrivals

All hail the power of the plant!

It had been a while since I made anything for FLW from Fimo and OMG. These little beauts were addictive!

We're due to be out and about with a stand at Dolly's Day Dreams in Ashford in the 26th June so provisionally the little plants will be exclusively for the fair. (If you're in the area come and say hello!)

Providing the sculpting has not destroyed my eyeballs, hands and posture by then, I'll be working on another batch for the shop!

Plants aside, how fab does the multi shelf look styled with those wooden crates?!
Who knew they fit so perfectly!

Shelves and non-plant accessories available now at fourlittlewalls.com.


8 June 2016

Dollhouse Therapy Project: Update

Well, it's fair to say I've been slacking on this one slightly but I'm pretty happy with how the build is coming along!

For those of you just tuning in, #dollhousetherapy was launched in March by a group of very cool home and lifestyle bloggers keen to spread the gospel of good looking doll's houses to the masses.

The last Tuesday of each month sees those taking part reveal the rooms they have been diligently working on over the past 4 weeks.

Ever one to make life complicated for myself I decided that no, I would not renovate one of the 5 dilapidated doll's house currently gathering dust in the studio, instead I would build an apartment from scratch inside a retro TV surround. As you do.

The hardest part has been committing to floor plan (hence why there's not been much to see so far!), I finally settled on a sunken lounge area with elevated walkway and floating mezzanine level.
Stairs are to be decided, still torn between a spiral or floating staircase.
I need to stare at it some more. (It's a process OK!)

I played around with veneers and carpets but decided actually I love the wood grain and foil lining from its previous life as a TV so will leave it intact. The interior walls have had a base coat of white, I went with the old faithful exposed brick paper along the back panel.
Keeping it neutral for as long as possible before having to decide on an era/ style for the interiors.

At the moment it's set to be MadMen meets Shoreditch hipster with just a dash of bling.

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