28 March 2016

Dollhouse Therapy Project: Mid-Century TV Reno

Hello from the other side (of an Easter egg induced coma.) !
I've been needing a little something to get my teeth into project wise so was really excited to read about the #DollhouseTherapy creative challenge from a lovely group of interiors and lifestyle bloggers, Cassie, Alice, Anu and Emy.
From April these creative ladies will be showcasing their doll's house reno progress and invite you to do the same on the last Tuesday of each month, April to June, both on your blogs or IG feeds. 
Exciting right?
Who doesn't love a good nosey around other peoples houses!
After racking my brains over which rooms in existing doll's houses to make-over (there's a few that need some serious work but they're houses for the long haul so don't want to rush it!) and quickly establishing I've run out of space in my very understanding parents house, I decided to get resourceful with what I already have, and what I have ladies and gents, is the sad, sorry carcass of a mid century TV set. 

Yep. Doll's house in a TV.
This is going to be a really great project to tackle , ( or result in a horrible mess with lots of terrible language spewing from yours truly. Let's hope it's the first one eh!)
I'll be sharing progress, projects,and shopping inspo here, on IG and over on Pinterest so stick with me if you fancy seeing how this pans out. 
If you'd like to join in the fun too, head on over to Primitive & Proper for a word from Cassie. 
Looking forward to seeing everybody's renovations take shape!

Here's some before shots of the TV case.

She really is an empty shell, planning the lay-out is already proving interesting as I don't want to lose the 'windows', (formerly the apertures for speakers!) but it's already getting the creative juices flowing which is the point isn't it!

21 March 2016

Easter Etsy Wish List

I can not resist a bunny motif, which is fortunate as this time of year they are  EVERYWHERE!

While we all try and curb those chocolate cravings until the Bank Holiday weekend here are some 1:12th scale treats to whet your appetite .

Bunny's are featured heavily even in the small scale, because cuteness.

1. First up is this little beaut from RunningMouse.

She's almost too much cute to handle, isn't she the sweetest?!
An adorable addition to the mini nursery, toyshop, or perhaps an alternative doll's house resident!
(I never was a fan of doll's!)

2. Another potential nursery dweller, this is this heart-stealing  pull along lamb by Abasketof
May need one in every colour though, can't have her getting lonely!

3. JillDianneArt miniatures are truly exquisite and it's probably essential we all invest in at least one.
Your doll's house deserves this tiny, beautiful rabbit.
If not the bunny perhaps a tiny mechanical chick inside the most minute of hand painted eggs?
Or both. Let's go with both.

4. Oh what's that ? A particularly well known brand of Golden Chocolate Bunny WITH NO CALORIES?
All hail NatAcademy