13 May 2016

Second Life Toys : Japan

Prepare yourselves because this one will hit you right in the feels!

Organ donation is a hugely emotive, and often divisive subject.
There is a global shortage of organ donors with only 2%* of patients on waiting lists finding a match each year. (*Stats from SLT's video) 

Japan particularly struggles with this shortage and so has launched a new initiative in a bid to raise awareness and engagement around organ donation and transplant waiting lists through the wonderfully imaginative Second Life Toys campaign and short film. 

People are encouraged to send a toy that is injured and no longer played with.
The toy will then be given a new lease of life via a transplant from another donated toy before being returned, renewed, to its owner. 
Recipients are then encouraged to write a letter of thanks on behalf of their toy.
Simultaneously promoting engagement, understanding and gratitude and perhaps most importantly, starting the conversation about organ donation in peoples homes in a way that is appropriate and approachable. 

You can learn more about Second Life Toys here
(images via stills from the movie)

If you're interested in learning more about Organ Donation here in the UK visit here

10 May 2016

Mini Makers Australia : Mint Rhapsody

Attic House, Summer 14 - Neon Green

Today in our 3rd instalment of Mini Makers: Australia, we're saying hello to the super-stylish, dream team that is Mint Rhapsody.

Husband and wife team, Sam & Laura, are the creative duo behind the bold, bright designs.
An exciting, contemporary twist, these doll's houses blur the lines between play thing and home decor, designed for, and appreciated by the adults just as much as the littles.
Oh, and they have a big love for gorgeous, colourful acrylic, (who doesn't?!).

Clearly it was the doll's houses that initially lured me in here but the Mint Rhapsody range also boasts highly covetable home decor products such as the Shelfie and gorgeous,  design-led, shadow boxes.

My personal fave, the fabulous Invisible PlayPen, a design solution born after searching for a aesthetically pleasing form of containment for their own little.

Invisible PlayPen Image property of Mint Rhapsody

Not satisfied with the "primary coloured jails" on offer, the Invisible PlayPen blends in perfectly to its surroundings whilst giving you maximum visibility of the tiny human safely contained within. Hooray!

But back to the doll's houses real quick, some insight on the design process from Sam & Laura ;

Noticing a need for a version of "doll house" that is very gender neutral We wanted to also design a piece of art for the nursery. It had to be very bright and we love neons, not to mention see through acrylic neon! We took inspiration from Danish architecture. We wanted a simplistic design with clean lines. Thats how the attic house grew!

I hope that's got a lot of you excited, now excuse me while I go raid my piggy bank!

For more info, full range of products and to purchase, visit mintrhapsody.com.au

Instagram: @mintrhapsody 

6 May 2016

Shopping: Architectural Storage

It's a shopping post with a difference today as , you can probably all ready tell, these items are not for your doll's house , but I'm sure you'll appreciate why they caught my eye!

I'm having strong feelings over this display range by Design Ideas.
Attractive storage with an architectural twist. Heart eyes x 1billion.

Let's start with the Iron Bridge Shelf.
Simple. Iconic.
Mount on the wall to display your treasures and pot plants, or simply leave bare to adore in all its glory.

(I'd go for a few little cacti and a couple of brightly coloured vintage toy cars!)

No wall space? No problem. This little beaut also works on a table top thanks to its teeny padded feet.

Fire Escape Shelving Unit

I always think of an episode of Friends whenever I see one of these, but maybe that's just me?
(You know the one where they get stuck and have to climb down each other? No?..)

At the risk of taking my doll's house weirdo-ness too far, also thought about attaching one of these to the side of a NYC style house, bit of graffiti on the walls, some bins scattered around...

Last but by no means least, if you're getting the shelves it'd be rude not to go the whole hog and treat your abode to a pair of Stairway book ends too.
Just look at them!

To be displayed only with the most aesthetically pleasing of books of course.

Few things please me as much as playful design and this little trio have my whole heart!

All three available at redcandy.com 

3 May 2016

Mini Makers Australia : Tiny Bungalow

We're back with our 2nd instalment of Mini Makers : Australia and today's a real treat for the eyes, (and I hope, you're doll's houses too!).

I stumbled across Tiny Bungalow's Instagram account during the Christmas break and was instantly drawn in by the cool, coastal vibes radiating out from the teeny house that was taking shape. 

Born from a love of interiors, home styling and the desire to create something beautiful and enduring for her daughter, Tara has launched Tiny Bungalow, fast becoming the go-to for doll's house owners seeking to channel some of that effortless, coastal chic into their small scale projects. 

The collection has been carefully curated with Tiny Bungalow's style ethos and emphasis on imaginative play at the forefront, with just a dash of luxe and the crazy, cute SonnyAngel doll's helping to showcase the mini wares. 

Cushions. We'll take one of everything!

In case the miniatures weren't enough for those seeking that laid back, coastal vibe , Tara is also the founder of real-life scale boutique, Tara Sea

I can literally hear the waves from my desk and invariably will leave the mini domain with a wish list as long as my arm + renewed desire to hop on a plane!

Tara was kind enough to share a little with us on her inspiration and motivation behind the launch of Tiny Bungalow;

" For me I have always been creating and decorating so it felt like an amazing 'uh huh' moment when I decided I would love to dive into the world of miniature and dolls houses. 

Now that I am a mother, nothing is more important to me than making something for my daughter that she can play with, bringing her hours of happiness and joy with imaginative play. I am super passionate about creating a brand that supports Australian made as much as I can, creating a lot of the pieces in the collection myself.

I wanted to create something that was different to what I had seen out there, as I felt there was a real gap in the market for something that brought about a coastal, grown up feel for mini interiors. I love the idea of styling and doing mini interior decorating that could be mistaken for life-size. Something that not only looked amazing when displayed in our homes but also something that children can play with and hopefully cherish for a lifetime.

I look forward to growing the brand and one day hopefully becoming a beloved name in imaginative play."

What a lucky little girl that get's to play with and treasure this doll's house, (and of course test those products for her Mama!) we're super excited to follow along with Tiny Bungalow's adventures. 

Head on over for your vicarious fix of Sun, Sea and Surf and an injection of tropi-cool style!