30 December 2015

Goodbye 2015!

With New Years Eve so close I can smell the champagne it's time to shut up shop for a few days of R&R (and quite possibly a hangover.)

My attention to all things doll's house was a bit sporadic at the start of this year and it's been so much fun to refocus again!

A HUGE thank you to all of you that have read, shopped and got in touch, I look forward to catching up in 2016!

The shop will re-open on January 4th and any pending orders will be processed from then.
(Ahem.. the sale is still on should anybody fancy a mini bargain over the bank holiday!) 

Here's a quick look back at FLW's top 9 moments according to the Instagram top 9 generator thingy, (apparently there's been a lot of love for the under-stairs toilet and mini food mixers this year!) 

Happy New Year to you all!


27 December 2015

Lucky Dip Bags

I can't believe it's  all over for another year!

We're exhausted from all the eating and relaxing here so thought we'd better get back to work (with the help of a new coffee machine courtesy of Father Christmas!) and rustle up some end of year bargains for you all!

This year as well as the end of line and seasonal discounts I've also made up some Lucky Dip Bags of one off, hand made items, un-used blog projects, items from my own collection, craft supply samples and other little oddities.

We've tried to group items into bags that would make sense for mini projects so hopefully there's something for everyone!



24 December 2015

Mini Make: Felted Wreath

December 24th is arguably a little late to be throwing together a wreath but this felted beaut needn't be just for Christmas!

If you have some down time over the holidays I thoroughly recommend needle felting.
It's very therapeutic, perhaps it's all the stabbing action required?!

This is a make for the full-sized house rather than the mini one but hopefully there's enough pint-sized charm here for you all!

What I used:

White felting wool
Needle Felting Pen Tool

To decorate:
Plywood House decoration (from Paperchase)
Mini Bottle brush trees
Assorted beads
Needle and thread
Ric-rac / ribbon to hang

What I did:
  • The felting is pretty time consuming but worth it!
Start by wrapping a length of felting wool around the wreath and begin to stab!
Ensure the the wool is covering evenly to avoid lumps and bumps.

  • Carefully, using the felting tool, cover the entire wreath. 
Take extra care if using a pen style tool, (or any style tool!) as the needles can snap off in the polystyrene!
(see my felting casualty below!)

  • When you're happy with the felt coverage check for evenness and smooth over any obvious needle marks. 

  • Next I hand stitched some crystal style beads at inner top of the wreath. 
(I actually ran out of time and had wanted to bead the entire inner circle of the wreath but less is more I suppose!)

In a past life these beads were my little Nan's costume necklaces, she'd kept all the broken ones in a box and now I use them when I think little makes could use an extra special dash of sparkle.

  • To secure the house decoration I used a little scrap of felting wool and to felt the decoration's string loop into place on the back o the wreath. 

I tried to get it central but you may prefer the asymmetrical look!

  • For the hanging loop I felted a loop of ric-rac onto the back of the wreath. 

  • For the final flourish around the front I added some mini bottle-brush trees. 
Again these have been felted into place which was a little fiddly but worth it to not have glue dribbles on the wreath!

When you're happy there is enough sparkle, find a suitable home to display your soft and sparkly wreath.

Merry Christmas!

14 December 2015

Christmas Tree 101

Time to put up the tree!

I have to admit my festive love has been directed at the pink, bottle brush variety this year so here's a shot at something a little more traditional with the larger, fluffier looking tree.

What I used:

What I did:

So the beauty of this is that it's exactly like decorating a full sized tree, except better because it's done in 10 minutes and no risk of injury from scaling step ladders to reach those pesky, bare branches at the very top.

My only golden rule is add garlands, tinsel or lights first, decorations and baubles second.

For baubles you can use beads, I used two packs of the frosted baubles. The beauty being 
A) they're super pretty 
B) they actually hang on the tree branches thanks to tiny, wire loops.

Primp and plump until you're happy with your teeny spruce!

Merry Christmas!


Ok, one last glimpse of the pink, beauts. 

8 December 2015

The Exmouth Kitchen

We're a week into December already?!

Things have been super busy here as we were preparing for the So This Is Christmas event, hosted by The Fairy Tale Fair on Sunday 6th which definitely got us feeling festive!

The run up to the fair had meant the majority of my time was devoted to building and decorating our new show house. 

I got the Exmouth, plain and unpainted,  at the end of last year and only just got around to decorating what with job/ life changes this year!

There's still some work to be done but I couldn't resist styling up the kitchen. I've not enjoyed a mini project this much for AGES so  really looking forward to spending some more time on it.
(Potentially selling the finished house if customer can collect,  meanwhile kits are available online for UK customers!) 

All items* available at fourlittlewalls.com.

*The kitchen cabinets were a hack using a pre-bought set, I'll do a little how to at some point but it's incredibly simple and as DIY projects go, pretty low on mess which is always a plus!

1 December 2015

Mini-Make: Dip Dyed Christmas Trees

I have been dyeing (pun intended, sorry!) to get my hands on these little bottle brush trees since the delivery arrived a few weeks ago

I love how simple they are in plain white, but I the thing is I also love these gorgeous, juicy pink shades and I try to avoid picking favourites so clearly we needed to have both!

These are literally the easiest project ever.
The important part is making sure you've safely covered yourself, your furniture and any unpredictable house pets to prevent staining from the dye.
Gloves, pinny's and some newspaper sheets are strongly recommended!

What I used:

What I did:
The only tricky part is deciding what colours and effects you want to go for.
Whilst your having a think, measure a pint of hot tap water into your glass jug.

Add 1 tbsp of your chosen coloured dye and stir.

For the most part I wanted the little trees all one colour and so , very un-ceremoniously, just dunked them into dye mixture. 
I left mine in for less than 5 minutes each. 
For pale colours you could try leaving them in slightly longer to see if the shade becomes a little more intense but I quite like how subtle it turned out here in Powder Pink.
The Flamingo Pink was very bright, very quickly. 
I literally just held the tree in the the dye for a minute or less and the colour had taken right away. 
For an Ombre effect I dipped the top half of the tree in the lighter colour first before submerging the bottom third of the tree in the darker, brighter dye. 

Tip: If you're worried about the base changing colour cover in some cling film. 

Leave to dry and wipe any excess dye from the tree base.

Display and admire in your dolls house, on the mantle piece, in a snow globe, or where ever else you fancy!