14 September 2015

What's new Pussycat

Actually this post has nothing to do with pussycats. Sorry.

There is a lot of newness to tell you about though, so let's get cracking.

To start, as of last week, I am no longer a Londondweller. (Sad face.)
That's right, the doll's houses, the sassy guineapig and I have packed our bags once more and returned back to where it all began, Mum and Dad's attic. *Reaches for the wine*


This is all part of a larger plan to save pennies, do more of what I love and less of what I don't.
My parents being excellent house mates and pub buddies is a bonus, as is the fact my home town looks a little bit Harry Pottery, so, silver lining! 

Secondly, I have a new day job, currently this is still in London so I'm back to life as a commuter. 
I'm making all kinds of bold statements about how I'll use my train time productively to read , or write *blog posts rather than slumping over an M&S gin-in-a-tin, counting the stops until bed time. 
We'll take it a day at a time I think!

Thirdly, (this really should have been the first thing but I didn't want to be written off as a mad guinea pig woman in the first paragraph), PepĂ© the pig has been joined by a little friend. 
The incredibly small Bertie baby has been with us a whole week now. They'll be moving in together in the not to distant future to begin their father/ son/ lover/ brother relationship. Time will tell.

Back on topic for a minute: Dolls houses.
The website is, as ever, having some on-going tweaking and fine tuning, the home page is looking a little brighter, the shop is a work in progress. 
Do go have a nosey, any and all feedback appreciated!


I think that's covered the important bits for now, what's new with you?!

*I can confirm this blog post has indeed been written aboard the 18:55 from St. Pancras, habit forming behaviour and all that.
Snapped this Doll's house looking window display in Fortnum & Mason at the station as a warm up! #geek




  1. I can't begin to imagine the energy you need to commute, work, blog and run a small business. Respect!

  2. love your post.:) .it is nice to get some "around life" info :) :) all the best , and that house looks ever sooooo lovely!!! :) and your little friend too :) will pop over to your site now :) :) kind regards :)

  3. No escaping destiny - once a guinea pig lady, always a mad guinea pig lady! Little Bertie looks darling, long may he and Pepe dwell together and bring happiness to you. All the best with the commuting.