29 September 2015

All that glitters

Well, I think we can all agree the whole blogging during the commute thing didn't really work it out!

I managed a week.
Five whole days, before a 5:30am start and 8:PM  (and that's if the trains were working properly!) return through the front door took its toll on my sanity. 

There is not enough coffee in the whole of London for that !

So, the joy of temping work means I am now working closer to home, sleeping more and able to function enough to write a blog post here and there. Hooray!

Even more excitingly, I got to actually make something for the shop this weekend!

Pretty excited about these as I have a magpie-like love for all things shiny, I'm trying out some mini foil prints.

I've started the range off with a Stag head, which is fairly festive (though I'm a firm believer that Stags are for life , not just for Christmas ).

More designs to come this week, open to suggestions and any special requests!

Let me know what you think! xxx

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