29 September 2015

All that glitters

Well, I think we can all agree the whole blogging during the commute thing didn't really work it out!

I managed a week.
Five whole days, before a 5:30am start and 8:PM  (and that's if the trains were working properly!) return through the front door took its toll on my sanity. 

There is not enough coffee in the whole of London for that !

So, the joy of temping work means I am now working closer to home, sleeping more and able to function enough to write a blog post here and there. Hooray!

Even more excitingly, I got to actually make something for the shop this weekend!

Pretty excited about these as I have a magpie-like love for all things shiny, I'm trying out some mini foil prints.

I've started the range off with a Stag head, which is fairly festive (though I'm a firm believer that Stags are for life , not just for Christmas ).

More designs to come this week, open to suggestions and any special requests!

Let me know what you think! xxx

14 September 2015

What's new Pussycat

Actually this post has nothing to do with pussycats. Sorry.

There is a lot of newness to tell you about though, so let's get cracking.

To start, as of last week, I am no longer a Londondweller. (Sad face.)
That's right, the doll's houses, the sassy guineapig and I have packed our bags once more and returned back to where it all began, Mum and Dad's attic. *Reaches for the wine*


This is all part of a larger plan to save pennies, do more of what I love and less of what I don't.
My parents being excellent house mates and pub buddies is a bonus, as is the fact my home town looks a little bit Harry Pottery, so, silver lining! 

Secondly, I have a new day job, currently this is still in London so I'm back to life as a commuter. 
I'm making all kinds of bold statements about how I'll use my train time productively to read , or write *blog posts rather than slumping over an M&S gin-in-a-tin, counting the stops until bed time. 
We'll take it a day at a time I think!

Thirdly, (this really should have been the first thing but I didn't want to be written off as a mad guinea pig woman in the first paragraph), PepĂ© the pig has been joined by a little friend. 
The incredibly small Bertie baby has been with us a whole week now. They'll be moving in together in the not to distant future to begin their father/ son/ lover/ brother relationship. Time will tell.

Back on topic for a minute: Dolls houses.
The website is, as ever, having some on-going tweaking and fine tuning, the home page is looking a little brighter, the shop is a work in progress. 
Do go have a nosey, any and all feedback appreciated!


I think that's covered the important bits for now, what's new with you?!

*I can confirm this blog post has indeed been written aboard the 18:55 from St. Pancras, habit forming behaviour and all that.
Snapped this Doll's house looking window display in Fortnum & Mason at the station as a warm up! #geek