24 May 2015

If it's not broken...

Oh hello!
It's been a while hasn't it. 

Since moving to London all things Doll's house and mini related have been very stop start, and more recently, mostly just dead. Ground to a complete and utter, stone cold, standstill.

This was, initially, due to bonkers day job schedules/ my insatiable need for sleep/ living without Internet at home for the first 12 months of being in the city.

However, the situation was compounded towards the end of 2014 by my incredibly smart decision to migrate Four Little Walls.com to a snazzy new hosting service, without fully understanding what that means (ironic given I'm currently working for a digital marketing agency!)

Too busy being dazzled by flashy template designs and clever Apps I failed to do my research on things like, domains, SEO, error codes...effectively, I killed my website overnight.
Eradicated the majority of links built over the previous 2 years, wiping myself off of the search engines and in a further stroke of genius had also tried to relocate the blog over to the new site. SIGH.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I won't bore you with the In's and outs of it all but suffice to say this has been a very expensive, and arduous lesson in;

 "If it's not broken, leave it the f@ck alone."

Eventually acknowledging I was beaten, I went crawling back to my previous hosting service (who incidentally have revamped and I'm now at a loss as to why I ever moved in the first place?!) and am relieved to be resurrecting good old blogspot.

So, onwards and upwards.

Fast forward to present day, it's May bank holiday, I'm enjoying a G&T, my house mate is currently cooking my dinner (excellent service here I tell you.) and I'm looking forward to kicking Four Little Walls back into shape.

So besides self sabotage what else is new ?

Quick round up:

  • Four Little Walls is now fully re-located to London. Wooo! (but let's not talk about the rent, I'm already on the Gin as it is.)
  • A bit of a sad one.
    Our beloved HQ hound, Honey, sadly went to doggy heaven at the beginning of the year.
That silly little white dog was my tiny companion/ colleague/ foot warmer for the 2 years I was living back at Mum & Dad's having a crack at being self-employed.
She'd come on the post office trips when my first little dribble of orders started to trickle through and bask in the ensuing adoration she would get from other queueing customers. Tart. 

It's still strange arriving back in Kent not to be greeted by a hysterical and farting pooch but at least other FLW companion , Norman the tortoise, is now living a life free from fear of persecution and savagery. 

  • Just before Easter, driven in part by the lack of dog to cuddle and also largely delirious from a nasty bout of flu, I dragged my clammy self to Pets at Home looking for a critter to love.
    It was there I met Pepe, a bossy, squeaky little lump that looks decidedly Skunk-like, and so began my transition into mad, guinea pig woman.
    No doubt you'll be seeing a lot more of him around here!

So what have you been up to?!

Until next time, I'm celebrating  Bank holiday/ blog resurrection with a little flash sale over at fourlittlewalls.com

25% off all orders over £5 until Midnight on Monday 25th May (GMT)
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  1. Squeak!! Pepe is utterly gorgeous! I'm mad about guinea pigs too. My boys are Alf and Noddy, furry egocentric despots ;). I'm glad you're back :)