26 March 2014

Ring Ring

Like my new phone?
It doesn't do emails or anything fancy, but it's rather pretty don't you think?!

Available now at www.fourlittlewalls.com

25 March 2014

Scrub-a dub-dub

Washing up is definitely not on my list of favourite things to do.
(If it wasn't for my flat mate shaming me I would probably leave it for days, slob!)
That said, shrink it all down to 1:12 and I can't get enough!

Never thought I would be this excited over rubber gloves and draining racks.
All I need now is some little soapy bubbles, project for another day.

Items available at www.fourlittlewalls.com
(Sink from Elf Miniatures)

23 March 2014

When Harry met Hatty...

Love is in the air at Four Little Walls!
These two little cuties have been inseparable since arriving at HQ last week…

Hatty & Harry hoovers, £6.50 each