26 January 2014

Happy Sunday

First order of business, Happy Australia Day to those of you reading down under!!

Well, today's title is partly true, it is a Sunday, the sun is however yet to make an appearance here in East London, here's a little burst of yellow to brighten up proceedings. 
My day will largely consist of recovering from last nights Long Island Iced Teas, hope yours is a little more productive! 


25 January 2014

Farrow & Ball : Wallpaper Launch 2014

I'm a sucker for a good bit of wallpaper. 
While the only walls I currently have to cover are of the miniature variety it didn't stop me from eyeballing the latest offerings from Farrow & Ball's Spring Collection. 
I hopped on the tube to Battersea where the F & B showroom had been decked out for the launch party with giant, brown paper packages, all tied up in a perfect, pink, paint bow !

After we'd indulged in a cheeky glass of champagne and a canapé or two, showroom manager, Kaz took to the floor to unveil the latest offerings, Ta Da!!

Stunning as ever, great colours, bold patterns and gorgeous, thick textures, ( did you know the papers are made using Farrow & Ball paints, not inks? No? Well now you do.)
The one being unveiled above is Parquet, a fun take on the flooring. Love.

Ocelot - Farrow & Ball 2014

Tessella - Farrow & Ball 2014

After oggling over the paper sample book a while longer I turned my attention to paint, ooh the paint!
Stocking up on a few colors for new, Four Little Walls pieces took a little while, paralysed by indecision as usual, I eventually went with some gorgeous blues and purples, watch this space!

Lashings of yellow!

Now, a night of paint, paper, food and fizz, what could possibly round the evening off? 
Why yes, a goodie bag. *head explodes with joy* Who needs a pub eh?!

24 January 2014

A little bit of love

Is it just me or is January twice as long as any other month of the year?!
It certainly feels it!

In an effort to shake off the cold, grey sluggyness I've been focussing my attention on all things pink and lovely. Not least these mini's, all currently available at www.fourlittlewalls.com and/ or the Etsy shop!

Scrumptious looking recipes in printed  book. Comes with shabby style stand.

Set of 4 baking books. Made in the USA.

Both of the above mini's have been hand-made by the wonderful Roxanne Fern of Baking in Miniature. I have a handful of Roxanne's delightful pieces available to buy.

Sweet treats. Pick up a little tart or two, calorie free, obviously!

I case you need a rest after all the cake excitement. 
Matching sofa also available, made by Four Little Walls!

20 January 2014

Birthday Adventures

Last week was all about birthdays.
This month Four Little Walls celebrates two years of blog life, yep, two whole years!

The 52 week challenge feels like a long time ago!

I've also celebrated my birthday, arriving at 27. Doesn't feel a whole lot different to being 26, the occasion was marked with some pretty spectacular cupcakes and a trip to a gin bar near Fleet Street.
Thanks to the sister for picking up these little beauties in Harrods ! (Fancy pants!) 
We pimped them up with some cute plastic critters and ate them for breakfast the day after. (Too full of gin the night before!)

My bestie and room mate also happened to spoil me rotten, we went to the V&A Museum to see the Pearl exhibition. Super busy but worth the queues and bustling to clap eyes on all the treasure, including some pretty impressive earrings that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. 
There was a woman who loved her bling! 

Photo's of the exhibition itself were prohibited so instead I'll show you some snaps of the enchanting 'Travelling to Wonderland' installation I found in the museum courtyard.

Created by artist Xu Bing, the miniature land space was created around the pre-existing pool, layers of Chinese stone were placed around the waters edge to create a little landscape. As you walked around there were hundreds of tiny details, water features, clusters of mini houses, fish, farm animals and even some cheeky little people getting up to no good on their mountain ledges! 

I'd love to go back at night as I believe many of the features are illuminated with LED's , it's running until 2 March 2014 so if you happen to be in London, pop in and see for yourself !

13 January 2014

Treasured: by Yury

It must be the cold that's adding to the appeal of sunshine hues!

Our little stool/ side table has been featured in another fabulously yellow Etsy treasury.

Thank you to Yury for including my mini's! xx

7 January 2014


The decorations are down and we're trying not to be blown away (literally) by the weather.

Holed up for a day or two I decided to have a little clean in one of the houses and inevitably got distracted by some of the residents. 
(Please note : these are not for sale)

2 January 2014

Room in a box (A REAL one!)


Happy New Year!
I hope 2014 is being kind to you so far?

A friend just sent me this link, I had to share.
I know it's not Doll's house size, but you can see the appeal right?!