27 December 2014

Hitting Refresh

Well it's done for another year.

I'm both sad and delighted.
Having basically spent the last 4 days eating, sleeping, or on the gin (or a combination of these simultaneously) it feels a bit like waking up from hibernation today!

For the first time in a long time I've got the space and willing to get back on the (miniature) horse.

The move to London has been an experience!
The first London home was only ever intended to be a launch pad, though we were lucky enough to stay almost a year to the day.
During that year I've interned, temped, had the worst job interview of my entire life ever,
*I was locked in a stock cupboard, handed a chewed biro pen and notepad and asked to draft a marketing campaign for both print and digital media, write a step by step instructional for putting together a catalogue, create copy from scratch for x3 of their products and proof read a website (that it transpired had no errors on it.) inside an hour.
All the while being interrupted by conversations about Game of Thrones and intermittently pumped for information on a former employer.*

Lessons were definitely learnt !

Thankfully, eventually, all paths lead to a brilliant interview, two in fact, that resulted in my current day job.
I'm doing things I never thought myself capable of doing, working with brilliant people, which does out weigh the not so great stuff that living in London brings. (specifically, The Central Line.)
Currently still wrestling for a balance between city, social and a mini life but we're getting there and it's looking pretty exciting for 2015.

The tail end of this year has seen an overhaul of the website and, finally, settling in to our not forever, but for now, home.

We have the Internet.
We have a washing machine.
Life is good.

So, I'm just gonna spend the last few days of the year marinating in coffee, scribbling down any ideas that happen to percolate.

I'm not promising another 52 week challenge, but watch this space, I think there's something brewing!

26 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope you're all suitably stuffed, rested and loved.

I'm enjoying Day 2 of a stringent napping and snacking regime, interrupted only by a leisurely stroll to the pub.

We spied an excellent collection of wreaths en route!

To keep the holiday joy going a little longer I'm running a sale over at fourlittlewalls.com

Enter: instalove 
At the checkout for 25% off all orders including sale items,must end 1st Jan.

Happy Holidays!

11 December 2014

14 sleeps : Last Post Dates

Not sure where the time's gone but there's just 14 sleeps left till Christmas!
I'm yet to do ANY shopping.

It really would be much easier if all my loved ones just succumbed to the bug and got doll's houses…(all in good time, my evil plan  for world wide, miniature domination will come into effect eventually.)

There's still time to pick up some mini, festive essentials but time is ticking!

USA: Friday 12th December
Europe: Saturday 13th December
UK: Saturday 20th December

(Please note: These dates are guidelines devised from Royal Mail 's cut off dates and Four Little Walls own time commitments. I cannot accept responsibility for delayed mail.)

Dish of Sprouts, £3.00

Sleigh Kit, 

Assorted Tea, Coffee & China

Red Welly Boots, 

Roast Turkey, £8.50

9 December 2014

Sneaky Doll's House Style: Oliver Bonas

Since starting my day job I have been wrestling  with a daily, internal struggle.

I pass not one but two Oliver Bonas stores on the way to the office.

One is basically a corner shop,  it's awful. Really.

Last minute cards, pay day treats, emergency work outfits (for those days you arrive at work and realise that while you dressed appropriately for the central line in a heat wave, you are in fact, basically naked.)
I, tragically, always find something that needs to come home with me.

Whilst wistfully pawing through the furniture selection I was struck by the how mini-friendly a lot of their pieces were.

Take a look and tell me I'm wrong?!

Some may say it's simply storage, to the trained eye, a sneaky, secret doll's house.

Oliver Wood, Side Table. £245

On the off chance Father Christmas is reading , my fave is the pink… !

Mirrored Shelving Unit, £120

Mix Match Shelving Unit, £169


15 November 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like...


It's 39 sleeps away folks!
Are you ready?
More importantly, is your dolls house ready?!

Stock up with 15% off all orders through Sunday 16th Nov!


In other news, I'm prepping to finally move all the mini's to new HQ in London.
It's been almost a year to the day since I moved to the city and I'm finally in a position to get everything in one place!

Looking forward to getting my blog on again for 2015, in the mean time I hope you enjoy the festive minis!

Kat x

19 October 2014


Snoozy Sunday in progress here.

Days like this are for warm food and walks in welly boots. 
(If the real thing is unattainable go for the 1:12 scale version!)

New LED lights brightening up the kitchen.


Welly Boots now available in 4 colours

Retro Radio now available in Tan!

11 October 2014

A little love story...

Probably the greatest modern love story ever told...

Barry & Hatty available now 

Harry is currently (emotionally) un-available.

5 October 2014

Early Bird Advent Calendar!

Ok, I know it's still many weeks /over 2months away but the C word is peppering  the shops already and I for one am excited!

Excitement attributed in no small part to the discovery of Ciatés Mini Mani Manor Advent calendar.
That's right, a combo of my two great loves, teeny tiny houses and great nail varnish.


It's a little pricier than your average choccy calendar but hey, it's exclusive to Selfridges, it wasn't gonna be in a 2for1 offer was it!


Feast your eyeballs, apparently they sold out mega quick last year so hop to it if you fancy one,the disappointment at missing out would haunt well into the new year!


4 October 2014

In with the new

Happy Saturday!

After much scrambling around last weekend I'm very excited to say that the new site is now live!


The main change is that customers on tablets and mobile will have a much nicer time!

The site itself is also, hopefully, a lot cleaner looking with lots of new treats in stock!


Please do go and visit!


It's still very much a work in progress so all comments greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to dusting off my blogging brain again soon as I will, finally, be moving to a more permenant London base in the next few weeks.

P.s: if you have fourlittlewalls.com saved in your history please clear it, the link will take you to the old site!


12 September 2014

Fall Flash Sale!


Where'd the Summer go??
It's well and truly Autumn here, there's Pumpkins to prove it!

I've been head down and 100 miles an hour in my day job the last few months so it's great to get a moment with the mini things again this week.

Those of you on Instagram will already know there's a flash sale over at the shop, it's due to end midnight tonight so hot foot it over if you want to treat yourself to a little bargain or two!

There's new stock arriving over the next week or two so keep your eyes peeled for new season furniture, accessories and festive tidbits.

1 April 2014

Play that funky music...

I love these tiny, retro radios a little too much!

Choose from Pink, Blue or Red, ( or like me, don't choose at all and plump for all three!)

26 March 2014

Ring Ring

Like my new phone?
It doesn't do emails or anything fancy, but it's rather pretty don't you think?!

Available now at www.fourlittlewalls.com

25 March 2014

Scrub-a dub-dub

Washing up is definitely not on my list of favourite things to do.
(If it wasn't for my flat mate shaming me I would probably leave it for days, slob!)
That said, shrink it all down to 1:12 and I can't get enough!

Never thought I would be this excited over rubber gloves and draining racks.
All I need now is some little soapy bubbles, project for another day.

Items available at www.fourlittlewalls.com
(Sink from Elf Miniatures)

23 March 2014

When Harry met Hatty...

Love is in the air at Four Little Walls!
These two little cuties have been inseparable since arriving at HQ last week…

Hatty & Harry hoovers, £6.50 each

17 February 2014

A little bit of love

Well, Valentine's day came and went rather speedily didn't it?!

Here's what it looked like at Four Little Walls. 

4 February 2014


Just a quickie, I'm having a flash sale over at the website .
25% off everything until midnight Wednesday 5th!! (UK time)

Plus for you lovelies an extra 15% off, just because I love you! x

Enter code: flashme 
At the checkout.

3 February 2014

Shopping: City of London Dolls House Festival

After managing to miss this event every time since it started I finally managed to get my bum over to the City of London Dolls House Festival.

The Tower Hotel venue overlooks London's Tower Bridge, which made for a pretty impressive view while we waited for the doors to open.

Now I  never make lists before I go mini shopping, opting instead for a little of what I fancy on the day, this trip took a decorative theme, opting for sweet ornaments from Jane Harrop, these will be gracing the mantel piece of the big house ASAP.

I stopped by Wood Supplies stall, this is usually where I can get carried away as I can never have enough picture frames and mirrors, felt I was relatively restrained, taking just two of these pastel coloured beauties and a wooden panelling kit for the bathroom (not pictured as it's just strips of wood right now!).

Still at Wood Supplies stand, I was putting my purse away and getting ready to head off to China Town when my beady eyes fell on the info sign detailing the various sources of wood used for some of the miniatures, The Cutty Sark, appealing, Brighton West Pier...STOP!

As some of you are already aware, Brighton remains my spiritual home after spending 7 years there for Uni and a few years of post-student adventures, I love it. I miss it. I LOVE it.

Well, after a quick chat the purse was out again, this time for a framed picture of Palace Pier, made from wood of the West Pier, fished out the sea the morning after it met its sad demise. 
Needless to say I left a very happy lady.

Definitely a new fave date for the diary! 

2 February 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We braved the crowds of China Town today as thousands gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Bonkers but brilliant!
Next time must get there earlier so we stand a chance of getting in on the food action, queues for days! Ha

Oh, and this little guy found his way home with us, we named him Horse...

1 February 2014

A pinch and a punch

For the first day of the month.

Let's hear it for February!
My awesome flatmate treated me to Lychees for breakfast, a good start to the month I think.

Have been struck down with a beasty cold most of last week so lots of adventures planned now the weekends here, pretty excited for the City of London dolls house festival tomorrow, maybe see some of you lovelies there?! *head explodes with joy*


26 January 2014

Happy Sunday

First order of business, Happy Australia Day to those of you reading down under!!

Well, today's title is partly true, it is a Sunday, the sun is however yet to make an appearance here in East London, here's a little burst of yellow to brighten up proceedings. 
My day will largely consist of recovering from last nights Long Island Iced Teas, hope yours is a little more productive! 


25 January 2014

Farrow & Ball : Wallpaper Launch 2014

I'm a sucker for a good bit of wallpaper. 
While the only walls I currently have to cover are of the miniature variety it didn't stop me from eyeballing the latest offerings from Farrow & Ball's Spring Collection. 
I hopped on the tube to Battersea where the F & B showroom had been decked out for the launch party with giant, brown paper packages, all tied up in a perfect, pink, paint bow !

After we'd indulged in a cheeky glass of champagne and a canapé or two, showroom manager, Kaz took to the floor to unveil the latest offerings, Ta Da!!

Stunning as ever, great colours, bold patterns and gorgeous, thick textures, ( did you know the papers are made using Farrow & Ball paints, not inks? No? Well now you do.)
The one being unveiled above is Parquet, a fun take on the flooring. Love.

Ocelot - Farrow & Ball 2014

Tessella - Farrow & Ball 2014

After oggling over the paper sample book a while longer I turned my attention to paint, ooh the paint!
Stocking up on a few colors for new, Four Little Walls pieces took a little while, paralysed by indecision as usual, I eventually went with some gorgeous blues and purples, watch this space!

Lashings of yellow!

Now, a night of paint, paper, food and fizz, what could possibly round the evening off? 
Why yes, a goodie bag. *head explodes with joy* Who needs a pub eh?!