30 April 2013

Stuff & things: Family feud

Morning all!
I have a sulky little dog on my hands this morning...

It's been a bit of a theme over the weekend.
With the good weather her 'pet brother 'and arch nemesis, Norman the tortoise, has been enjoying stretching his legs in the garden, this means that Honey gets locked up indoors.

Unfortunately we're not just being over cautious, Norman had a highly traumatic (and expensive!) hospital stay 2 summers back after a certain little dog tore the chicken wire off Normans summer house and proceeded to savage him!!
Luckily Norm had the good sense to tuck everything in but there was a tense moment picking him up waiting to see if was going to pop his little head out/ if he still had a head!!

She thinks we can't see her when she sits behind the skinniest bush ever...

He did, but he was a bit punctured so was shipped out to special reptile intensive care unit where he was on an IV (yes, that's a tortoise IV, I have no idea where they put it?!) for 2 days!

So that's why these two have beef, the dog alas has a very slow learning curve and is outraged that we've not allowed her to eat him yet. Sigh.

Feuding animals aside, it's full steam ahead for Saturdays show! Hope to see some familiar faces, there'll be a fab range of handmade, vintage and craft on offer.
And cupcakes. I only ever go if lured with the promise of cake!! :p

28 April 2013

My weekend with the stapler!

I've spent the majority of the weekend wielding a stapler, scissors and folding paper until my little fingers are raw! (Well not quite but I have done an awful lot of folding, it's very repetitive!!)
I've finally gotten around to neatly packaging ALL stock ready for next weekends show. Fingers crossed it's going to make life easier for me packing and unpacking as well as easier for customers to browse without being frightened to touch anything. (Also to protect stock from those few who handle the miniatures with a little too much enthusiasm, there's always one!!)

A mini mountain!

Some attempt at organisation at 2AM this-morning!

Beatrix potter books safely bagged,
they always fall foul to little hands opening them to see if the pages are printed!!

I also managed to grab some time to whip up a new batch of 50 shades, always proves popular, you saucy lot!
Wonky edition.

And my reward!
Got a felt delivery waiting for me to chop up into some brand new mini's, but first, on with the stapling!!

Hope you're all having a fab weekend. 
Yummy colours. Can't wait to get my hands on these!!

25 April 2013

Little friends

It can be a lonely life working from home so when my Dad asked if I wanted to pop up the road to the farm where he was doing some work.(...and feed a little lamb!!!) I leapt at the chance!!

Here's a few pics from what I got up to whilst skiving off work. The majority were very pleased to have visitors, others were not. Their mug shots can be seen at the bottom of this post!!

Oh, and on a doll's house related note, I'm having a Facebook giveaway today and tomorrow, pop over and have a look for a chance to win a pair of Distress yourself chairs!!

Everybody saw 'Awwwwwwwwww!'


Ducks saying hello

Sweeeeetest little baby bantams 

These little mutha cluckers were not pleased to see me at all!

Devil Goose. Size of a labrador.
May have chased me a little...!

24 April 2013

Mini Stylings

Just a quickie as I'm feeling super motivated this morning and need to get my 'to do' list ticked before the caffeine wears off!

I have just clapped eyes on THIS by Tatty Devine!!!

Mini Willow plate necklace anyone? I think so!

I've spied a few wearable mini's lately so if it tickles your fancy pop over to Pinterest and we can oggle at pretty things together. 

21 April 2013

Sunday: Scraping, stripping, sanding

Warning, this post is going to get ugly...
Remember the vintage houses I recently acquired and pledged to transform into things of beauty?

Well, I've spent the majority of the weekend, scrubbing, scraping and sanding this beast to within an inch of it's life.
Thought it was best to see what I'm working with before covering it all up again. Structurally it seems in good condition, cosmetically....yuck.

Nearly got a whole side clear!! 

x3 layers of roof paper!

Really old paint peels off very easily, thank goodness.

Sticky-back, white vinyl c*@p on the ceiling.
So far IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Arrgh!

So, as you can see it's been a messy here as I tackle the first of x2 Vintage doll's house restorations. 
Apologies. It's not particularly nice to look at right now so here's a quick injection of 'pretty' from Saturday afternoon!

My Sister got me a little owl bracelet, because she love me innit.

Dog walking with my favourite small person. She was VERY excited about the pink lead.

19 April 2013

Stuff & things: Feeble Friday!

Today I shall mostly be feeling sorry for myself as a result of the mind numbing agony that is wisdom teeth.
I don't know why they call them wisdom teeth, I certainly don't feel very wise  (what I currently feel is doped up to the eyeballs, which is preferable to the state I woke up in!!)

As a result, I find myself drawn to this today, what do you think?
Is mini dentistry popular?! (I know full size certainly isn't!!)

Dentist chair by Delph Miniatures

Hope you're having lovely Friday's where ever you are!

16 April 2013

What's cooking?!

Just a quick hello to let you lovelies know that I'm having a little kitchen event over at Four little walls.com

The kitchen is by far my favourite room of any house, it's where the food lives and friends gather, and THOSE are always a winning combination wouldn't you agree?!

So, snap up some essentials for the heart of your miniature home, with 15% off selected miniatures  until the 30th April. I'll throw in a little Jelly mould for any order over £5 too.


Set of Baking books, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.93

Cath Kidston Apron, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.08

Food mixer- Red , Currently £3.83

Kitchen roll, for tiny spillages! Currently £1.87

Yellow tea pot Currently £1.36

10 April 2013

A sad little house

This is a tale of a very sad little house.
This house.

It has a metal front panel, and access to rooms on both side of the house.

I recently acquired two vintage house. (See the first one here)
Both are very different to what I normally work on but they're so cute in their own, run down little way that I'm determined to restore them back to working order! 

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little stumped as to where to start! This house in particular has been very neglected and is going to need a new roof, new hinges, all new windows on the back (assuming I can source some!) and then there's the cosmetics ! A makeover is most definitely in order!

I believe these houses are a 1:24 ish  1:16 scale? (Thanks for the tip off Julie B) Sylvanian family sort of size?! Please do correct me if i'm wrong, any input on these older style houses would be greatly appreciated as I've not done my home work yet, and really don't know anything about them!

For now, i'll leave you with some pictures, have a little look around, please forgive the dust! 

Original wallpaper is still salvageable, looks like their used to be a little fireplace in there too.

I LOVE this open plan room, you can see straight through the house. 

The back of the house with broken panel propped up.

One of the back bedrooms. Or maybe a bathroom?

Stairs need a hoover!

Another of the back rooms.

7 April 2013

Trestle shortage!!

Nobody panic, but I've learnt that there is now a national shortage of my favourite trestle desks as the wholesaler is out of stock for the next FOUR months!! *wails and drops dramatically to the floor*

As a result, these are the ONLY three I have left in stock until, fingers crossed, August/September time.

Hand painted in a rich Provincial Blue, Ochre or Gold (the gold has a very subtle shimmer to it but you can't really see on camera) before being sealed with a matt varnish. The legs have been left bare.

I LOVE these little tables and use them often as desks, or little work stations .
So, if you want one of these for yourself (before Autumn!!) now's the time to snap one up.
£5 each (not incl. P&P)


6 April 2013

Some restoration is in order...

Look at this little beaut!!

A lovely friend of my Dad's dropped x 2 super cute, vintage houses over today.
Spotted at a boot fair they've been sent my way for, fingers crossed, some TLC and a new lease of life!

Here's the first one, it has x3 front opening sections and a little garage.

It's clearly been loved and decorated at least twice previously. Some of the wallpapers and flooring are begging to be ripped out but the kitchen and bathroom walls are ADORABLE!

So, I sense this going to be a more long term project than some but think it'll be worth it!

New doors and windows all round, while I love yellow the paint job on the windows here is not brilliant so think it's probably best to restore it to it's former glory as much as possible. And the roof needs to be red i think?

Anybody out there reading this that has tackled a similar house I would love to hear from you!

It's a 1:24 scale I think, no signs of brands/ maker on this one. The other has a metal front and possibly a Triang but we'll have a closer look at her another day!

5 April 2013

In the Attic: mini makeover


Well, I accidentally took the week off this week. Naughty.

The bank holiday obviously didn't help, and then I took it easy on Tuesday as my Mum had the week off. Then, just as I was about to head back up to the attic (Four little walls HQ) the ring main blew, knocking out all power on two floors of the house. Marvellous.

I took it as a sign from the powers that be to spend some some time on my own doll's
house, since I couldn't get on with much else that would be productive. (Well, there was housework but if you know me then you know how utterly laughable THAT idea would be.)

This is a little before/ after of the attic (the mini one!).

To be fair, this wasn't a terrible room, but the walls were only that colour because that's the paint I had at the time. Then the lino only went in because I thought it went well with the paint. It was going to be a bathroom, but then I thought against putting plumbing in the attic. 
Also, it's a bit impractical having to go up x4 flights of stairs if you're in the kitchen and suddenly need the loo isn't it?! (Obviously a purely fictional problem what with it bearing a DOLL'S HOUSE and all but still, these things need consideration don't they?!)

It's a work in progress, still needs skirting boards and a fireplace but I am very much in love with the wallpaper. It's now a child's room, while the nursery is being made more baby orientated, so I suspect the good toys will all move in here eventually!