30 June 2013


I've been a bad blogger of late but there is a good excuse, I've gone back to a day job!
Aside from getting me out the house it also means I'll be able to develop Four Little Walls in the way I'd hoped.
I've got lots of plans and projects up my sleeve and hopefully will now be able to see some of those come to be by the end of the year! Hooray!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed  I've been tinkering about with the look and feel of the blog and website?!

Felt it was time to strip it all back a bit, hope you like the mini makeover!
In other, tres exciting news Fourlittlewalls .com celebrates its first birthday this month. I've lots planned to mark the occasion including giveaways, and cheeky discounts so make sure you pop back over the next fortnight to join in the fun! 

17 June 2013

Popping up!

Hope Monday has been gentle with you?

I'm having a big sort out here at Four Little Walls HQ, streamlining the collection and planning for new bits and pieces, all a bit exciting!

More excitingly, Saturday saw Four Little Walls 1st pop-up shop hosted by Disgruntled Cat Vintage here in Faversham.

I was lucky enough to have an entire corner of the shop floor to my self that was promptly filled with doll's houses and many, many mini things!

Finishing touches came in the form of pink balloons and sparkling fairy lights. Sigh.
It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

10 June 2013

Honey I shrunk IKEA!

If you love all things IKEA and modern miniatures, I suspect many of you reading do, prepare to do a little wee of excitement!!

Those clever swedes have created the  pint sized HUSMET range, miniature versions of some of their much loved, life sized pieces.

Now technically, this is intended for children, but since when has that ever stopped us?!

I shall now be counting the days as the range is
  not available to buy until 1st August 
but at least that's time enough to plan where everything is going to go!

I'll leave you with some eye candy.

(All images are copyright to IKEA)

8 June 2013

Mini mojo: It's back!

Morning all,

I've been neglecting the blog lately, partly due to being genuinely busy, but also as a result of losing my mini mojo a bit. I say a bit, there was a particularly low day where I seriously considered having a doll's house shaped bonfire, thankfully that passed so rest assured no mini's have been harmed and I am once again in love with all things small scale.
This self employment lark is not for cissies!

Following a few weeks of pep talks, stress eating and a well timed holiday I'm excited to say the mini mojo has indeed returned!
A few days away, no Internet and a notebook was seemingly all I needed to get a head bursting with ideas for the blog, website and working on  a few bits for myself too so I'm looking forward to sharing those with you!

In the mean time, let me update you with what else has been occurring!

Best of Faversham Market:
This was my first outdoor event and as a result, a bit of a learning curve!
Discovered very quickly that even when packaged most miniatures do not mix with even the slightest of breeze's! That aside, it was a great atmosphere and we met lots of great people. Very much looking forward to making a regular thing out of it.

New Halfway house:
I am excited to share a brand new half way house! Finished in a delicate, soft pink with working sash windows, and realistic tiled roof the house is a breath of fresh air for summer.

Doll's house and miniature scene magazine:
I've gotten very lax at updating the press section here! The latest issue is on the stands bursting with projects and inspiration, plus a column and mood board feature from yours truly. I'm working on new mood board ideas this weekend too so keep an eye out for coming issues!

Right, there's probably more but will leave it there for today! Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing! x