22 May 2013

Mini makeover: washi stairs

I've been racking my brains for more ways to use washi tapes for my mini's.
I liked the lampshades from the 52 week challenge but I needed MORE! (Washi fetish may be getting out of hand...)

Then thanks to the wonders of Pinterest I spotted a full sized staircase makeover and the mini light bulb in my brain went on! 

What you need:
10 minutes
Washi tape

It was very straight forward, you're literally just sticking tape onto the steps!

Keep edges neat by using scissors rather than just tearing. I found the tape wasn't amazingly sticky but did the job. If you want a more permanent feature you could seal with varnish as you would with decoupage? 

Anyway, that's my Mid week make over. 
Washi fix in the bag! Woop woop! 

SAVE THE DATE: Big Bank Holiday SALE!

Heads up ladies and gents!
We're celebrating the bank holiday weekend with an online SALE!

Starts Friday 24th May
25% off most furniture, accessories ad more, plus discontinued lines at teeny, tiny prices!

15 May 2013

Mini Media: Life size Barbie dream house!!!

Incase the spectacle of the giant doll's house in Grand Central NYC, wasn't enough have a squizz at THIS!

The Barbie dream house experience. That's right girls and boys, we're going to Barbie's house!! Yeeeeeaaah!
Yes, those are giant pink poodles greeting you at the door. 

Un-suprisingly I was heavily into Barbie when I was little so my excitement at the prospect of actually being able to pop over to her life size doll house is BIG! (My 6 year old self would have exploded!)
There is also one opening a little closer to home in Berlin, Germany, though it has apparently been met with protests from some feminists. Sigh.
Can a girl not be forward thinking, supportive of equality and STILL like pink and play with fashion doll's?! I say yes, so let's tale a moment to revel in the pure un-adulterated PINK-NESS of it all.

You can tour life sized kitchens, dressing rooms, view a 350 strong collection of collector's dolls and even ride the dream house elevator and delve into Barbie's closet !!Squuuueeeeeeeee!

Explore the interactive kitchen.

14 May 2013

Mini Media: Target's Giant Doll house

If you were lucky enough to have been in NYC last week you may have clapped eyes on the giant doll's house that popped up in Grand central station?!

The 1,600 square ft structure was put together by American chain, Target, as a way of showcasing thousands of their products from their collection under one, fun  and unexpected roof.

Visitors could explore the whole house, plus garden and patio area while staff offered makeovers in the bathrooms.

Can John Lewis do one of these please?! I want to plaaay!!

10 May 2013

Kendra does Kensington!

Super excited to see that Kendra Grey, designer extraordinaire (and creative brain behind Four Little Walls logo!!) will be exhibiting a collection of doll's house prints at this weekend's Kensington Doll's house festival!!

Adore, admire...buy?! 
These doll's house themed prints will no doubt fly off the wall so if you have your heart set on one get int here good and early! 

And all this excitement before you've clapped eyes on the miniatures and houses?! Too much!

Wishing everybody at the festival a fab weekend, and those that couldn't make it can join me in a massive sulk!!