16 April 2013

What's cooking?!

Just a quick hello to let you lovelies know that I'm having a little kitchen event over at Four little walls.com

The kitchen is by far my favourite room of any house, it's where the food lives and friends gather, and THOSE are always a winning combination wouldn't you agree?!

So, snap up some essentials for the heart of your miniature home, with 15% off selected miniatures  until the 30th April. I'll throw in a little Jelly mould for any order over £5 too.


Set of Baking books, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.93

Cath Kidston Apron, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.08

Food mixer- Red , Currently £3.83

Kitchen roll, for tiny spillages! Currently £1.87

Yellow tea pot Currently £1.36


  1. OmG that little high chair is sooo Cute!

    1. Isn't it!! It's definitely one of my fave pieces. :)
      Kat x