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What's cooking?!

Just a quick hello to let you lovelies know that I'm having a little kitchen event over at Four little

The kitchen is by far my favourite room of any house, it's where the food lives and friends gather, and THOSE are always a winning combination wouldn't you agree?!

So, snap up some essentials for the heart of your miniature home, with 15% off selected miniatures  until the 30th April. I'll throw in a little Jelly mould for any order over £5 too.


Set of Baking books, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.93

Cath Kidston Apron, made in the USA by Roxanne FernCurrently £8.08

Food mixer- Red , Currently £3.83

Kitchen roll, for tiny spillages! Currently £1.87

Yellow tea pot Currently £1.36


  1. OmG that little high chair is sooo Cute!

    1. Isn't it!! It's definitely one of my fave pieces. :)
      Kat x