30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I hope you're all doing something lovely today. I've been super restrained and not opened the chocolate..yet. 

Just a little reminder that the 25% off Sale ends tomorrow at midnight so if there's anything you're mini heart's been longing for over on the website hop to it! :)
(Keep in mind we've a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so orders won't be posted until Tuesday 2nd April)

28 March 2013

DHMS Magazine: May issue

I don't want to jinx it but we seem to be experiencing some actual, lasting sunshine!!

I know it's very dull to talk about the weather but after 6 months of cold and grey I think we're all ready for something a bit brighter!

In other news, the May issue of Doll's house and miniature scene magazine hits the shops today. I strongly advise hot footing it to the newsagents and grabbing a copy ready for the long, bank holiday weekend, perfect reading for post roast dinner chill-axing and best accompanied with a chocolate egg or two! If you do feel like getting off the sofa there's plenty of projects and some super cute, nursery cutouts to keep your mini creative juices flowing.

I'm also very excited to see my mood board feature, celebrating all things yellow and a little column on buying miniatures online, hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and one more teeny thing, if you fancy treating yourself to a subscription with DHMS over the next month you get a Four little walls 'Distress yourself' chair kit in Scandi pink as an extra little treat!

26 March 2013

Hello Sunshine!

Slowly but surely learning how to be tidy.
The daybed at HQ is now clear for the first time in...well, ever actually.

Dug out the blanket, knitted by my great grandma, still in pretty good condition aside from some questionable looking stains!

Miffy has taken pride of place though doesn't look overly impressed!

Oh, and what's that beaming through for the first time in weeks and weeks?! The sun!! Was being to worry it would never show up!

25 March 2013

The Halfway Terrace


I've spent the morning playing working with the Halfway Terrace.

A double version of the half way house, the Terrace can hang on the wall to save space.
It's been decorated inside and out, including 'stunt' internal doors to create the illusion of more rooms further back.

EVERYTHING pictured can be purchased at www.fourlittlewalls.com , with 25% off until the 31st March

Hope you enjoy looking around. :)

24 March 2013

Spring Blog giveaway: Winners!

Afternoon! Hope everybody's warm, well and relaxed?!

Before I announce the winners I'd like to say a BIG thank you to all of you that entered and shared links on your blogs, I'm just sorry I don't have an Easter treat for all of you! :)

So, with out further ado, the winners are.......


Well done ladies, please email me at fourlittlewalls@hotmail.co.uk with your address details!! :)

Thanks again to everybody who entered!!

22 March 2013

This week...

Has looked a little like this....

Four little walls was in the paper!!
That uncomfortable looking person is me, posing with some mini's and the little Spring house which  went off to its new owner this week.
To read the full article click here
(I'm on page 3, a spot reserved in some newspapers for ladies with no clothes on. This, mercifully, is NOT that sort of paper!!)

Chairs. Lots of chairs. 60 coats of paint in 24 hours = my hand is now a claw. But the 'Distress yourself' kits are now back in stock so it was worth while!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. If any of you are off to Miniatura have a splendid time, I'm super jealous!!

17 March 2013

Shopping: St Patricks party!

Happy St Paddy's day!

For some the day won't have a great deal of impact, for others it will be a day celebrating heritage and tradition and having a good old knees up, for many (at least here in the UK) it's a great excuse to get rip roaring drunk whilst putting on appalling Irish accents.

Whilst the thought of the pub is a tempting one I'm going to be restrained and crack on with some work,(sigh) I have however pulled together some vital ingredients for a small scale soiree . Enjoy!
Dress to impress in this little hat by aMusing miniatures

We can rely on Homeward flight to provide delicious looking treats
How amazing is this shamrock bread with anitpasto?!
Or for the sweet toothed among you indulge in this cute, iced cookie selection

As for the liquor, well obviously Guinness is in the mix, today our little pint's are being poured by Cinen

Or for something stronger, (well it would be rude not to!) I will provide the whiskey. 

A mini splash of Jameson's whiskey, (currently 25% off too)


15 March 2013

Spring Giveaway: Bunnies & baskets


It's been a busy day here, always a shock to the system.

Slightly exasperated with how cold and miserable it still is here in the UK I've decided to just carry on regardless and kick start Spring here at Four little walls with a little giveaway, it's been a while hasn't it?!

So, to try and coax out the sunshine and general joys of Spring I've put together some Easter hampers.

First up...

It's a bunny in a basket, because every home should have one. 
Here we have a mix of chocolate and natural look eggs
along with a sweet yellow flower and x 2 little chicks.

So, in order to win one of these little sweeties simply leave a comment on this post. If you have preference as to which basket you'd like to win let me know else it will just be a surprise between the two winners.

The x2 winners will be chosen at random after 5PM on Sunday 24th March and announced here on the blog.

Good luck!


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14 March 2013

Doll's house network: GET ON IT!!

Was just about to shut down for the evening when I spotted something on Facebook...

If you love all things mini AND are au fait with all things inter-web and social media then, like me you will be about to do a little happy dance, for there is now a social network dedicated solely to miniaturists. 

It's brand new so a little quiet over there right now so best get yourselves signed up and see where it leads. :)

The network is the brainchild of those clever chaps over at The Dolls house store, big round of applause,  hope it proves very successful.

13 March 2013

New column: DHMS magazine


I've been terribly slack (a recurring theme)
but wanted to shout about this none the less!

The April issue of Doll's house and miniature scene magazine is in the shops this very moment.
Among many splendid features and projects (my fave so far being the sweet hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies)
you can find my brand, spanking, new column!
I'm so excited to be on board and look forward to many, mini- musings with the DHMS team.

DHMS can be found in all good newsagents or purchased in digital format for your smart phone, tablet, PC.

11 March 2013

Selling up?!

Ok, this is a drastic move but after some serious assessing I'm thinking I may SELL my big beasty house!!

While part of me can not believe I have even uttered that sentence there is the slightly more sensible side of me acknowledging that I have gotten a little stuck with this one.

It is HUGE.
The Big, beautiful Blenheim by the Squirrel collection who were renowned for the generous proportions of their dollhouses and beautiful working sash windows.
Sadly they are no longer in business and I rarely see theses houses up for grabs.

That said, I've failed to properly finish it in the near 11 years I've had it. It deserves to be showered with love and attention. Since I already have my little Georgian my Dad built and the not so small matter of trying to run a business I feel that there might be somebody out there who can love the Blenheim a little better? Am I being rash?!

5 March 2013

Before & After: Table and chair

Been up to my elbows in varnish, glue and tiny flowers getting ready for Saturday but managed to grab a few minutes to do a little make over. 

This little table and chair are two more little gems from a bag of birthday goodies (the gift that keeps on giving!), I resisted the urge to smother them in white paint, instead it was just a bit of repair work and a new seat pad. Ta da!



4 March 2013

Four Little Walls: Away with the fairies

It's Monday, the sun is out and i'm very excited about this weeks plans!

On Friday I'm hitting the road and heading to Brighton for catch ups, and of course The Fairy Tale Fair.

I spent the weekend putting together some new room-boxes and mini's for the stall, at the moment I'm a bit sad at the thought of having to part with them, terrible businesswoman!! Anyway, here's a little peek.

Don't forget it's 25% off EVERYTHING over at Four little walls.com and if you're heading to the Fairy Tale fair you can order online and collect from me on the day. (Worth doing if you've spotted something you fancy as I won't be taking all stock with me.)

Orla Keily inspired room box

New, contemporary style armchair

Chalet dressed as writers retreat(currently just £22.50!)

3 March 2013

Mums mini's: Part 2!

Short and sweet today, after another day of epic clearing and sorting my Mum finally put her fledgling mini collection into the room box I gave her for Xmas.

It was a pre-made one, I just added the lights and made the little signs, but it does the job while she waits for her Sid Cooke! :)

2 March 2013

Stuff & things: Mums mini's !

It has finally happened.

My Mum is getting a doll's house!!

She's picked it out already and has decided it's going to be a toy shop (yours truly will be doing the dirty work!)

Of course the collecting has started already, LOVE all of them.

Have a little look.