25 February 2013

Stuff & things: Eye eye!

I'm not usually one for  bodily details as I am super squeamish.

No, really.
A recent trip to the dentist resulted in a rather embarrassing faint in the waiting room (they hadn't even got me into the chair!), more historically, I totally conked out watching a particularly gruesome episode of ER.
I blame the latter on the fact I was horrendously hungover that day as I'd watched far worse and not flinched a bit!

Well, last week I spent a silly number of hours sat at the laptop. I have glasses, which I SHOULD wear for that but was lazy so carried on regardless.
When I caught myself in the mirror a while later I had a wildly attractive, blood-shot eye, not unusual, they were tired and a bit strained.

However, the next day while the red had gone away, there was a weird cloudy blotch on my iris. A few days later it hadn't gone away. I wasn't overly concerned, however the optician sent me straight to the Doc.

After some discussion and a little look he told me that I needed a thorough eye test asap and to start with anti-biotic drops.

He then casually informed me that if the drops didn't work 'it' would be removed!
After a few seconds gripped by mortal terror he clarified the 'it' in question was the blotch, now christened a hemorrhage, not as I had momentarily believed my actual eyeball!! Phew.

So, in the name of conserving my little eye I'm trying to stay away from screens this week, easier said than done! I have been able to try out some new bits and pieces with Fimo though so that's the silver lining.
Cracked open some new pastel shades for Easter projects, hopefully have something lovely to show off soon!

Click though to Katie's store
In the mean time, this little beaut caught my eye (the good one!) on Etsy.
Hand made by Katie of Katie's clay corner I thought this might be a fitting addition to the mini collection, if only as a reminder to wear my flippin' glasses!!

(Poor Katie has well and truly been in the wars the last week or so please do pop over to her blog and shop with some mini love!)

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  1. siento mucho lo de tu ojo y espero que te recuperes pronto y espero ver pronto esos trabajillos con el fimo