28 February 2013

Bunny jar-topper: tutorial

I think this is my first tutorial of the year?!

Clearly took longer to recover from the 52 week challenge than I thought.

Well, this isn't strictly speaking a mini tutorial but I love it none the less, and hope it takes your fancy too!

It occurred to me when I set up the free mini bunny offer over on the website that not every doll's house will have a place fitting for a tiny four legged friend so an alternative use was in order.
I spotted the idea over on Pinterest and immediately thought of the bunnies, so here we go!

What I used:
Mini bunny
Empty and washed jar with lid
Spray paint ( I used a matte, off white)
Super glue/ glue gun

What I did:
Make sure your jar and lid are totally clean and dry, left over stir fry sauce will ruin the look some what!
Glue the bunny into the middle of the lid, clean any ooze at the base away quickly as it will show up when you paint it later.
Go to a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and spray the entire lid and bunny allover, thin and even is best, allow to dry then give another coat if required. 

Wear gloves! Spray paint does NOT wash off easy...

(Leave outside for as long as possible as the paint fumes will still be pretty stinky. )
(I don't recommend filling with foodstuffs or liquids as I don't know if there's any risk from the paint?)

Finally, adorn you jar with it's crowning glory and fill with something pretty.

I sense there will be a few more of these in my future, LOVE! 

27 February 2013

March Madness! : SALE


I'm having a sale, on EVERYTHING!!

25% off ALL stocked items (not including distress yourself furniture)
Yep, that's ALL accessories, ALL furniture, McQueenie kits, wallpapers, fimo, the whole caboodle.

SO if there's something you've had your eye on snap it up now as not all items will be re-stocked!
Visit Four little walls.com


25 February 2013

Stuff & things: Eye eye!

I'm not usually one for  bodily details as I am super squeamish.

No, really.
A recent trip to the dentist resulted in a rather embarrassing faint in the waiting room (they hadn't even got me into the chair!), more historically, I totally conked out watching a particularly gruesome episode of ER.
I blame the latter on the fact I was horrendously hungover that day as I'd watched far worse and not flinched a bit!

Well, last week I spent a silly number of hours sat at the laptop. I have glasses, which I SHOULD wear for that but was lazy so carried on regardless.
When I caught myself in the mirror a while later I had a wildly attractive, blood-shot eye, not unusual, they were tired and a bit strained.

However, the next day while the red had gone away, there was a weird cloudy blotch on my iris. A few days later it hadn't gone away. I wasn't overly concerned, however the optician sent me straight to the Doc.

After some discussion and a little look he told me that I needed a thorough eye test asap and to start with anti-biotic drops.

He then casually informed me that if the drops didn't work 'it' would be removed!
After a few seconds gripped by mortal terror he clarified the 'it' in question was the blotch, now christened a hemorrhage, not as I had momentarily believed my actual eyeball!! Phew.

So, in the name of conserving my little eye I'm trying to stay away from screens this week, easier said than done! I have been able to try out some new bits and pieces with Fimo though so that's the silver lining.
Cracked open some new pastel shades for Easter projects, hopefully have something lovely to show off soon!

Click though to Katie's store
In the mean time, this little beaut caught my eye (the good one!) on Etsy.
Hand made by Katie of Katie's clay corner I thought this might be a fitting addition to the mini collection, if only as a reminder to wear my flippin' glasses!!

(Poor Katie has well and truly been in the wars the last week or so please do pop over to her blog and shop with some mini love!)

24 February 2013

Mini magic: Harry Potter world

I've always been a fan of Harry Potter.

I was bit late reading the books but eventually ploughed through them, and I LOVE the films.

Perfect for lazy Sundays when it's a bit chilly out and some escapism is in order.

Well, yesterday I spent the day celebrating my Godson's birthday. He turned 11 and decided Harry Potter Studio tour was the way forward. Excellent choice.


You might have seen this in the press? The model of Hogwarts used for the  films. Completely breathtaking.
Photo's can't really do it justice, you just need to go!
The scale of the whole thing is a bit mind boggling, imagine being J.K.Rowling and looking around this place?! All that spring from her one idea.
imagination is a wonderful thing.

I don't want to post too many photos as it might spoil it for any of you planning a visit. I will tell you that I've now flown on a broomstick, Morris minor and tried real Butterbeer.

One of my favourite sections was definitely the conceptual artists gallery. It's towards the end of the tour and full of architectural drawings and scale models. Of course these appealed to my dollhouse orientated brain so I'll leave with a few snippets!

Felt this may resonate with some of you?!

19 February 2013

To Russia with love...


Been keeping busy with lots of very dull admin this week but hope to be getting messy with some paints and glue tomorrow, will keep you posted!

In the mean time, here's some not so mini news for you!
The Doll's House Emporium have announced the launch of their first, Russian outlet!

DHE has joined forces with S&B Toys to introduce their range of houses and miniatures to collectors, old and new, across the Federation.
S&B Toys was established by Andrey Seliverstov with his wife Ilona in 2008 to specialise in dolls’ houses and miniatures, artisan dolls and train sets.

Here's what Jackie Lee, managing director of DHE had to say on the new move:

“We’re very pleased to be working with Andrey’s business as he has an established base in Moscow and rapidly developing a thriving miniatures community.

“There has been a lot of work involved on both sides to make this happen and most of the first shipment has already sold out.

“I know that his customers are very proud to display a showpiece dolls’ house in their home and we will be working with the Russian business to meet their every need moving forward.”

Pretty exciting!

So, if you happen to be in Russia and have a дом Кукол you'd love to share, it would be great to hear from you!!  Always fab to see collections from far away places, I'm terribly nosy like that.

с любовью

13 February 2013

Sweet Valentine: An ode to icing and lady love!

Well, we all know what tomorrow is don't we?!

Yes, it's 24 hours of (fingers crossed?!) hearts, flowers and romantic gestures. The newly shackled are in a state of confusion over how much is too much while the more seasoned couples maybe tread the wire of 'Do we still need to bother?'.

Personal experience has taught me not to put too much pressure on it!! My best Valentines have oddly enough actually been whilst single so now I tend to celebrate the lady love in my life with smooches all round for the sisters, friends mums and aunties.

So, with the position of 'Mr Four little walls' currently vacant my Valentines day is set to be a very relaxed affair! I'm currently waiting for cupcakes to come out the oven which I had planned on icing and making pretty for myself and one of my BFF's to feast on tomorrow.
It was a surprise  but clearly she is the icing to my cupcake, both metaphorically and literally as I just got a text message to say she's bringing a pot of Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing.
Now, show me a man that is as in tune with my needs?! Haha

Of course don't forget to show the doll's houses some love too!
I thought we'd revisit some of my soppy posts from this time last year. The blog was only a few weeks old, I was still in my teeny, tiny flat in Brighton and Four Little Walls.com was yet to be! What a difference a year makes!

Love letters: A slightly sentimental one but I wouldn't write anything differently a year on.

Valentine Cake: Poor photo's but the cake I feel cake IS essential

10 February 2013

A happy (little) Chinese New Year !

It may be cold and grey here in the UK but things are significantly brightened by the arrival of the Chinese new year and all the celebrations ( and tasty treats that come with!)

Since I'm still struggling to restore my mind and body from the excesses of a previous festive period I have instead opted to mark the occasion with a mini feast courtesy of  some super talented Etsy makers!

If you are celebrating today I wish you a splendid time and a very happy new year of the Snake!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Ang Ku Kueh in babmboo steamer by FunwithARtz

Double Happiness Cookies by aldesigns

Set of 4: Vegetable Lo mein by PostcardsOnTheFridge

Chinese take away with fortune cookies by aMusing miniatures

6 February 2013

Sweet Valentine: Etsy treats

I'm currently trying to curb my cake and cookie cravings, as a result of my suppressed snacking I find myself drawn to sugar fixes on a smaller scale.

Here are some Valentine mini's I LOVE. Think if I manage to avoid real cake all week I will reward myself with one of these tiny treats! (Yes, this is unlikely.)

Cookie pops by Miniature Patisserie

Raspberry St. Honre by Paris Miniatures

Valentine cookies by Kim's mini bakery

Heart pound cakes by Asako Mini

Stuff & things: Etsy Treasury

I've been trying REEEAALLY hard to get organised this week. A struggle as I am notoriously a clutter bug and have a tendency to keep my "filing" on the floor.
I've just about got sorted but all the tidying up and throwing away had left me in a bit of a grumpy mood. a grumpy mood that was instantly improved by my little painted stools being included in this super sunny Etsy treasury! Splendid.