8 January 2013

The Doll's House magazine : Kendra Grey


I was just packaging up an order when the new issue of The Doll's house magazine landed on the door mat! There's a definite Spring vibe within the newly designed pages this month as they've had a little spruce up for 2013!

I was also very excited to see the super fabulous Kendra Grey being interviewed about her gorgeous doll's house illustrations!

Some of you may recognise Kendra's work from a little post back in July when we unveiled our shiny new logo and website?!

She's a very clever lady with a marvellous brain so I suggest you all hotfoot it over to her website to admire her work some more.

 If you asked very nicely I'm sure she'd magic up a doll's house work of art of your very own. Fancy!

Please excuse the pictures, scanner is on the blink so had to opt for screen grabs but you can see the feature in all its glory inside the February issue, on sale now. 

Oh yeah, and my little column can be found in there too! :) 


  1. Kendra's illustrations are amazing aren't they! And you've gotten an appearance in another magazine - that's fantastic, I can't wait to read my copy now!!!

    Speaking about things turning up on your doorstep, guess what arrived on my doorstep this morning!!!!!!!
    So thrilled Kat! Can't wait to take some photos and blog about it! Thank you so much again, I totally LOVE it!!!
    Hugs, Mins xxx

    1. Hi Mins,

      Yes, they are! She's a sweetie too.
      That was my last column for Doll's House magazine for now, and nice one to end on I think.

      SO PLEASED it arrived!!! Was starting to worry it would be Easter before it got to you! Wasn't smashed to bits I hope?!
      Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

      All the best
      Kat X