15 January 2013


In the name of getting organised and avoiding jail, Friday night I started doing a great big stocktake.
The weekend held plans for tax returns, newsletters, huge email sort out...
Then my sisters came home for some low key birthday celebrations. Easy enough to squeeze in.

Saturday started slow, bit of pottering about, went for coffee and cake. Came back home to MORE cake and nibbles as my sisters had been busy little bees and said they were making lunch. Very nice too. Was just about to feast on all the naughty grub when the doorbell rang, I assumed it was the postman but when I opened the door was greeted by excited little faces from Brighton!!! (I moved away last year to start Four Little Walls and save some ££!)

My sneaky sisters and friends had organised a surprise soirée. I was a little overwhelmed as not really used to surprises so probably didn't have the most standard reaction! however, after the initial shock and cold sweat had worn off we had a splendid time! There was more cake, and gin and a lucky dip bag full of dolls house furniture a lovely friend rescued in a house clearance (more on that later!) and THEN I was katnapped back to Brighton. Amazing weekend. Still pretty tired and have not really done any work which is very naughty. Will leave you with some more cake.

Diet, detoxing and dolls housing will resume Wednesday!!


  1. veo que te dieron una buena sorpresa y una buena cantidad de azucar , es de lo mas divertido
    me alegro de que lo pasaras bien



    1. Thanks Mari, it was a a LOVELY surprise!! :)
      Kat x

  2. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend, Kat! Cake is always better than taxes. :)

    1. Indeed it is! Polished off the last of it today so no more naughty food till Easter now. Ha!
      Kat X