10 January 2013

Stuff and things: Embellished lashes

While I've got a pretty steady hand for painting, gluing & general faffing about with tiny things I'm still yet to master the art of applying false eyelashes with out nearly sealing my eye balls shut, blood shot and watery is never the look I'm aiming for!

If you've ever experienced a similar ordeal you will then understand how mind boggling these false lashes are! The fact they are attached is miraculous in itself but get a load of these babies!!

As seen in Stylist

Hand made by a lady named Natalie these teeny creations are a sight to behold!

New purpose for those miniatures with out a cause I have knocking about?...Probably best to leave it to the professionals!


  1. Well...
    I must admit, they are not for my eyes.
    But are sure to be some special miniatures :)

  2. That's a very creative idea, not sure where you would wear them, I'm just picturing going out to a club and an eyelash falling into your margarita! Hehehe!

  3. er mah gawd I can't even get the run of the mill false lashes on without crying and giving up... I would be petrified. They look really cool though!

    1. Ha, I know!! You'd definitely need a helping hand.
      Kat x