30 January 2013

Mini make over: coffee table


I have consumed a bucket of coffee this morning and am currently buzzing my way though a long 'To do' list, amazing how much more I get done with obscene amounts of caffeine in my system. (I realise this is quite bad for me but it gets the job done for now!)

Anyway, do you remember me saying how I was given a bag of doll's house furniture for my birthday? It had been rescued from a house clearance. Well there were lots of little gems in there and I've been plotting the various things to do with them.

First up is this super sweet coffee table.

There was nothing really wrong with the original, it just looked a bit battered and needed some sprucing up. So I spruced. Ta da!

All it needed was a bit of a sand down and some paint. I LOVE it.

Thought I'd take some time out for a book and sweet treat, the pain au chocolat was made by the lovely Amelia of Frippery Factory and the Penguin, 'War of the worlds' is available to buy at fourlittlewalls.com


27 January 2013

Stuff & things : sun and sea

What a difference a week makes.

Last Sunday we were enjoying a snow day, today we hit the beach!
Obviously it's still a bit on the chilly side but was good to get some fresh air, the dog seemed to enjoy it too, though she doesn't like the sea, tries to bark it into submission only to get soggy paws. Silly.

Hope you're having a happy Sunday, bit put out I couldn't make the London dollshouse show today but look forward to seeing pics from those that went! :)

26 January 2013

Pretty nostalgic magazine : Issue 5

I was VERY excited to find Issue 5 of Pretty nostalgic magazine on my doormat this morning.
Not just because it's super fabulous and full of vintage goodness but also because this month I wrote a little feature all about Doll's houses. Oooh!

Issue 5 is available to buy online and in WHSmiths stores now.

Pretty Nostalgic magazine : Issue 5

Forgive the blurry photo's, my scanner's not big enough for the pages! :)
The feature talks a little about the history behind our little hobby and goes on to profile myself and two other collectors, including the lovely Anna of vintage, craft blog Miss Beatrix

Such a lovely mag, so excited to have been able to write for them.
I'm off to have a good read and a little large G&T.

24 January 2013

New for Spring 2013

Today has been one of those grotty, cold, can't get anything done sort of days.

Losing Internet connection for half an hour didn't really help matters (it was this point I crawled to the shop for emergency chocolate!).

Upon my return I had thankfully been reconnected with the world wide web and was able to, now on a sugar high, list some of the new Spring products on Four little walls. Hooray!

Here's a little peek, we've got some juicy, bright coloured stools, my personal favourite is Arsenic green!

Hand painted and varnished to smooth, shiny finish, they can be add a little burst of colour as stools or a side table.


Charlottes locks

Or if you fancy a small scale project try one of our fab furniture kits by McQueenie. Real mahogany wood, precision cut in the UK. This Edwardian style bed has just been added ready for you to build and dress. 

Well, that's enough excitement for one day. I'm off to finish that chocolate!

22 January 2013

Celebrate 200 yrs of Pride & Prejudice with Doll's House Emporium

Doll lovers, Jane Austen fans have I got a treat for you today!!

You may already be aware that 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice being in print?

It was in fact the BBC adaptation of the novel that first kick started my doll's house obsession!
My Aunty came to stay in the school holidays armed with the video box set,  we watched the whole thing in  2 days, by the end of it my sisters and I were running around the house in our finest fancy dress giving performances that I'm sure would have had that Keira Knightly quaking in her boots and my head swimming with ideas for a Pride & Prejudice doll's house. (I failed miserably but had fun trying!)
Well, if similarly you love to channel a little bit of Austen into your miniature projects you may be interested to see these brand new, special edition doll's by Doll's House Emporium!

Now you can have you're very own Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, dressed to the nines in their wedding clothes!

Like the sounds of that? Here's a little more info from DHE for you;

"Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy’s costume features a handsome waistcoat under a fitted morning suit with a cravat and top hat. He features perfectly groomed sideburns! 
Elizabeth’s hair is curled and styled, and she wears an ivory wedding dress complete with over dress and veil. Underneath she’s wearing silky bloomers with lace detail. Delicate detailing is a feature of both dolls’ outfits.

The Dolls House Emporium has also created a beautiful collection of gifts to adorn their marital home, at Darcy’s ‘Pemberley’ estate.

The supporting gifts in the exclusive limited edition collection have been made available FREE to collect with a minimum spend until May. They include a pretty heart cushion, complete with lace edging and ‘E and F’ embroidery-design transfer, a ‘watercolour painting’ of their marital home, Darcy’s Pemberley estate, a pair of pretty Coat Hangers with E and F Initials, a pair of silhouette portraits and a beautiful floral wedding garland."

 Sigh. Is there anything more romantic than a dash of Pride & Prejudice? No. I thought not.
The doll's and celebratory items will be available to buy from The Doll's House Emporium soon. 
In the mean time, i'll leave you with THIS Mr Darcy, I wonder if he could be added to the range?!

21 January 2013

Not so blue Monday

Apparently today is Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year!

I'm keeping all blues at bay with some bright, zingy colours from our S/S furniture, available ASAP.

Here's a little zap for you!

20 January 2013

Stuff & things: Snow day

Well, we finally got snow!
This should have spurred me into action with a 'To do' list the length of a Heathrow runway... instead I seem to have gone into hibernation.

I took a brief break from my sleep.eat.repeat schedule to go play in the white stuff with my besty and the dog.
Vintage sledge. :)  Made by our Granddad in the 60's. Not as much room on it as there used to be !
Tomorrow I'll do much better (and consume a bucket of coffee!)

Set the hound on her!

16 January 2013

Condemned ?: A cautionary tale

I'm not gonna lie to you, preparation for this post has induced some very colourful language, none of it repeatable here.

Not long before Christmas, a fellow stall holder at one of the fairs I did offered me a doll's house that had been sitting in her shed for a while. Apparently it had belonged to a niece who had built and collected the house through one of those weekly magazine series.

I love a rescue project so gladly accepted. The following week I took delivery of  x 2 huge boxes.
The house had been dismantled with the intention of being redecorated. The original construction had involved some super strong gluing of the 'No more nails' variety.

Well, on closer inspection, there were a few damp patches on some of the panels, a little bit of rust here and there. Clearly it was going to take a lot of time to restore it to its former glory so I put it to one side until I had a moment after Christmas to tackle it properly.

Well, today that moment came and I'm afraid to say that this mini tale will not have a happy ending!!

Before laying eyes and hands on a house that is a product of a magazine series I already had pretty strong views that it was a very expensive way to build a pretty poor quality house. A house that would have identical interiors and furniture to X amount of other people that had collected it. Where's the fun there?

The first time it collapsed...

Apologies if anybody reading this has in fact got one of these houses, incidentally  if there IS anybody reading that has one still in one piece that they have managed to derive any joy from building/owning please do get in touch, it would be reassuring to hear from you. Otherwise I feel like there's a lot of people that have  spent A LOT of money on this sad, sorry thing...

We're up again...

Aaaaaand we're down
8 tries it took me to get this house standing. I say standing, it's propped up and masking taped together to the best of my abilities, however I still failed to balance the attic level on top. I can now tell you that the house is complete apart from the centre back panel. Not bad.

As built as it's gonna get!

The damp and broken panels need some work though. And everything would need a proper strip and sand down before attempting to put it back together properly. I thought long and hard, this little house I'm afraid may have met it's maker.
While it would be good to see it looking pretty I fear the amount of time, fury and expense would still be more than the enjoyment of the finished house.

I've never given up on a house before but this one I'm sad to say is beyond me.
If anybody out there is contemplating getting a doll's house via a weekly magazine series, I BEG YOU, save your money and put it towards a proper kit. It will serve you much better in the long run, I promise!!

15 January 2013


In the name of getting organised and avoiding jail, Friday night I started doing a great big stocktake.
The weekend held plans for tax returns, newsletters, huge email sort out...
Then my sisters came home for some low key birthday celebrations. Easy enough to squeeze in.

Saturday started slow, bit of pottering about, went for coffee and cake. Came back home to MORE cake and nibbles as my sisters had been busy little bees and said they were making lunch. Very nice too. Was just about to feast on all the naughty grub when the doorbell rang, I assumed it was the postman but when I opened the door was greeted by excited little faces from Brighton!!! (I moved away last year to start Four Little Walls and save some ££!)

My sneaky sisters and friends had organised a surprise soirée. I was a little overwhelmed as not really used to surprises so probably didn't have the most standard reaction! however, after the initial shock and cold sweat had worn off we had a splendid time! There was more cake, and gin and a lucky dip bag full of dolls house furniture a lovely friend rescued in a house clearance (more on that later!) and THEN I was katnapped back to Brighton. Amazing weekend. Still pretty tired and have not really done any work which is very naughty. Will leave you with some more cake.

Diet, detoxing and dolls housing will resume Wednesday!!

10 January 2013

Stuff and things: Embellished lashes

While I've got a pretty steady hand for painting, gluing & general faffing about with tiny things I'm still yet to master the art of applying false eyelashes with out nearly sealing my eye balls shut, blood shot and watery is never the look I'm aiming for!

If you've ever experienced a similar ordeal you will then understand how mind boggling these false lashes are! The fact they are attached is miraculous in itself but get a load of these babies!!

As seen in Stylist

Hand made by a lady named Natalie these teeny creations are a sight to behold!

New purpose for those miniatures with out a cause I have knocking about?...Probably best to leave it to the professionals!

8 January 2013

The Doll's House magazine : Kendra Grey


I was just packaging up an order when the new issue of The Doll's house magazine landed on the door mat! There's a definite Spring vibe within the newly designed pages this month as they've had a little spruce up for 2013!

I was also very excited to see the super fabulous Kendra Grey being interviewed about her gorgeous doll's house illustrations!

Some of you may recognise Kendra's work from a little post back in July when we unveiled our shiny new logo and website?!

She's a very clever lady with a marvellous brain so I suggest you all hotfoot it over to her website to admire her work some more.

 If you asked very nicely I'm sure she'd magic up a doll's house work of art of your very own. Fancy!

Please excuse the pictures, scanner is on the blink so had to opt for screen grabs but you can see the feature in all its glory inside the February issue, on sale now. 

Oh yeah, and my little column can be found in there too! :) 

7 January 2013

First look: Distress yourself!


Hope every body's back in the swing of things now?!
Can't believe we're a week in to the year already, was quite odd not posting a project on Friday, had a sudden moment of panic before remembering it's OK, the 52 weeks are up ! ha.

Anyway, I've not been totally idle, today I'd like to reveal Four Little Walls new range of

For those that love the shabby look, I've put together a little selection of chairs covered with lashings of lovely, Annie Sloan Chalk paints ready for you to sand into the desired state of distress!

Each chair comes with a strip of sandpaper and a 'Managing distress' tips sheet!

I'm quite excited about these little beauts and hope some of you are too! :)

The range will be arriving on the website ASAP, chairs, now in stock, will be priced at £7.00 each with more items to come later in the year.

Ta da!

 'Distress yourself ©'  is copyright of Four little Walls

2 January 2013

A farewell to 2012

Well, I don't know about the rest of you but it's a bit of a relief to be back to some sort of routine today?!

There's really only so much eating and sitting that can be done before you start to feel...beached!

I rarely make resolutions, mainly because I don't stick to them.
Though last year, in the first week of 2012 I resolved to start a mini blog, and as part of that blog I set myself the 52 week challenge. Those of you that have been reading for a little while be aware that some projects were more successful than others,however,  peaks and troughs aside, I did it! There was a project every week for a whole year. Phew!

I'm pretty shocked that I stuck to it to be honest but, for the most part, it was a lot of fun.

I'd like to thank everybody that's been kind enough to read, leave lovely comments and generally been fabulous during the last 12 months, it's been amazing to know that there are people reading besides harassed friends and family members!

2012 also brought the opportunity to write my own column with the Doll's House magazine. This was such an exciting experience and a great pleasure to be involved with team Dolly! The February issue hits the shops tomorrow so be sure sure to get your copy! :)

There's a few exciting bits and pieces lined up already for Four Little Walls in 2013 but for now, I've a Christmas tree to pull down and some exercise DVDs to dig out so I'll leave you with some of my favourites from the 52 week challenge, would love to know what yours were?!