30 December 2013


The little yellow stools were featured in this gorgeous Etsy Treasury.
Thanks so much to Annalisa Nuzzolo for taking the time to put it together.

We heart yellow!

28 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

It's the 28th of December and I've finally had an hour spare to put the Christmas decorations up in the dolls house.
 Better late than never eh?!

Ok, some aren't strictly speaking "Christmas" but I wanted to show them off anyway!!

Hope yours was a splendid one!!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Four Little Walls tribe!

Here's a sister and the hound rocking their Christmas dressing gowns.


24 December 2013

Have yourselves a mini, little Christmas

Well, here we are. The 24th of December.
I am not prepared. I am the opposite of prepared.
I'm currently sat in a deserted skyscraper in Canary Wharf for a temping job (it's OK, they said it was fine to blog on the job, phone is yet to ring today! haha) refreshing the website for South Eastern trains with a rising sense of dread for the journey home. (Storms here in the UK have caused the collapse of all public transport so currently no service to anywhere I need to be!)

It's also just occurred to me that I didn't replace the stocking filler chocolates I ate and I'm yet to wrap a single present, one year I attempted wrapping ON the train, though this was not a popular move with my fellow passengers.

So, in the spirit of carrying on regardless I'm sharing some festive treats today.
These little beauties were picked up at the Kensington Doll's House Festival in November as early festive treats for myself and the Mother.

This is Nelson. He was purchased for Mum's mini toy shop that doesn't exist yet.
Pose-able joints and a newspaper hat at a jaunty angle. What more could you want from a bear?
Hand made by Elles Leenders

It wouldn't be Christmas without a Panettone.
I picked up this calorie free one along with some pretty plates by Minicaretti

Thought it was time to update the decorations for the big doll's house so splashed out on this.
It's yet to make it onto the front door. Sigh. 

Well, I'm very much looking forward to getting home and getting this Christmas thing wrapped up, both big and mini! Big festive kisses to all!

14 December 2013

Corners of my doll's house

I've been catching up on lots of bits and pieces this week, some mini, some not.

Here's a peek inside the Big Blenheim house, no signs of Christmas yet. That's a job for next week!

13 December 2013

Hello Deer !

Oh hey! Remember me?!
I've taken my mini activities underground the last few months. Literally. I've moved to London and now spend a disproportionate amount of time scurrying about on the tube. 
Will catch you up on mini happenings a little later, today I thought I'd share some snaps from my adventures above ground in the capital. 

Think we caught this from the French, non?

St Paul's looking all ethereal in the sunshine. 

This handsome chap was hanging about in Carnaby Street

Oh, Hey Big Ben. 

20 October 2013

London bound!

Long time no blog post!

So, if you are following Four Little Walls on Facebook you might already be aware that I'm moving!!

In just 1 week I'll be packing up Four Little Walls (and all other, non-dollshouse related essentials) and toddling off to London!! 

Very exciting on many levels, not least because I can spend my evenings doing all kinds of bloggy, mini, sociable things rather than be on a train!! Hooray!!

For the interim, will be off the radar a little while longer (allowing for moving, un-packing and getting the all important internet connection!!) but looking forward to returning to and catching up with blog land very soon!!

In run up to the move I'm having a little sale, 35% off selected minis (including Halloween items!!) so pop on over and treat yourself!!
The shop will be closing next Friday for one week while I get sorted! x

23 September 2013

I'm still here!


Some of you may have noticed The blog's been a little quiet recently?!

Things have had a bit of a shake up here at FLW HQ since I started an internship in London!
It's full time, it's furniture (full size!) and it's fabulous. It does however mean week days are super long, hence the reason I've not been very vocal!

Of course I'm not neglecting my dollshousey duties completely!! 
I'm of course keeping up with my mini monthly, musings in Doll's House & Miniature Scene magazine (make sure you get your paws on this months issue!)

I'm also very excited to announce that
Four Little Walls is having its first London show this Saturday at the lovely Old Spitalfields Market alongside Belles Events. Come join us for a day of hand made, collectable deliciousness! 
 Ma & Pa Four Little Walls will be on hand  for the day too so pop over and say hello if you happen to be in London !

So, this week looks set to be even busier with our London debut to prepare for. There's a new half way house awaiting the final touches. (I've opted for a grey and yellow theme for this one) 
It'll be looking for a new home this Saturday! 

23 August 2013

Bank Holiday SALE


Well it's the last Bank Holiday weekend of the Summer here in the UK (already!) so thought we'd go out with a bang and have a little sale over at Four Little Walls.com.

Pop over to snap up a mini treat or two! 

18 August 2013

New Arrivals: What's your poison?


Long time no blog post!!

I'm back to the grind stone with a day job at the moment, not very inspiring but necessary unfortunately so not a lot of work happening on my own little houses. :(

I have however had time to order in some new season stock for Four Little Walls.com so I thought I'd share some snippets today. There's a distinctly spooky feel to these items, I love them ALL!!

24 July 2013


Should be working, instead I'm rearranging furniture, As you do.

22 July 2013

A new baby: Charity giveaway

Right this moment the worlds media is bursting proverbial blood vessels at happy news of the safe arrival of the Royal Baby. It's a boy! Welcome to the world tiny one, stay small for as long as possible!

We can expect wall-to-wall coverage of the new parents every move/outfit/ under eye bags and of course now the wait for the first baby photo will begin. Exciting, if a bit mental.

Whilst I share in the excitement of the new mini monarch I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some other kiddo's who also deserve a fuss. 

In a few weeks time my little (25 yr old!) sister, Brigid, will be heading off to Romania to spend her summer working in one of the countries many orphanages in conjunction with the charity, Future Sense.

Many of these children will have never known life in a family home and don't experience the luxuries most children (and grown ups) here in the UK take for granted. 
Future Sense and its volunteers work to improve the well being, living conditions and prospects of these children and many others around the world. 
This Summer the children's bathroom will be refurbished, the volunteers will also spend quality time with the children, from activities and local trips out to just hanging out and reading a story. 

All volunteers fund raise before setting off and Bridge is getting really close to making her target!
So, im holding a giveaway with a difference. 

I'm asking Four Little Wall's readers, if they can, to donate what ever you are able towards Brigid's Future Sense fund!

(I would like to stress that all donations go to the charities work and NOT on the volunteers flights, accommodation or food. Volunteers pay for those things entirely themselves.)

As a thank you for your generosity anybody that donates will be entered into a draw to win this tiny, sleeping, baby doll. He's dressed in a hand knitted (NOT made by me!) gown and bonnet. He has even got a little cotton nappy. Sweet. 
Make sure you leave a comment on this post once you've donated so I don't miss anybody from the draw!

I hope Brigid will be able to share some of her Romania experience with you when she gets back at the end of the summer and I'll keep you updated in the mean time! I can tell you in advance that she's squeezing a doll's house into her suitcase, well we couldn't NOT send one could we?!

To donate please click here


17 July 2013

Etsy Treasury feature

Another HOT summer day and the love affair with yellow continues! Thankfully I'm not alone in my admiration for this sizzling shade as this summer bright Etsy treasury by Ashlee Persang proves!

Thanks Ashlee, was delighted to spot Four Little Walls Babouche yellow stool/ side tables made the cut! 


Finally got some time to play with my neglected little dolls house!

Got some lovely new bits from ELF miniatures. LOVE the sink but it needs some heavy duty fixing to the wall so in the mean time it's perched on this cabinet. 

16 July 2013

Birthday Party

Ok , I know I'm dragging out this birthday lark but I had to round the celebrations off with some little pics from Four Little Walls party. We spent Sunday with friends and family, drinking pink gin, decorating cookies, blowing bubbles and eating everything in sight!
(All whilst trying to keep out the sun! It was pretty hot!)

The girls.

Big thank you to everybody that came along and made it such a lovely day, extra special thanks to my BFF for baking AMAZING elderflower and lemon cupcakes. Sadly we ate them all before taking pictures. Hehe.

Moi. Caught mid cookie nibble!

My little sister photo-bombing in the background there. Rascal.

My favourite small person chasing bubbles.

15 July 2013

Birthday Blog giveaway : WINNERS!

Sligtly later than planned, here are the lucky winners of the Four LIttle Birthday giveaway!

THANKYOU to everybody that took the time to enter and leave such lovely comments. I wish there were enough cake for everybody!

With out further ado, 

1st Prize of glass cake stand and x12 tiny tarts goes to:

Runner up prizes of an 'I love you' cake go to:
Ma Luisa Garcia Ramirez
Maria Ireland

Congratulations ladies! Drop me an email with your address details at fourlittlewalls@hotmail.co.uk so I can get your little treats sent asap.

Kat x

4 July 2013

Birthday Giveaway!


First and foremost let me say a happy Independence day to all our friends across the pond!
I hope it's splendid and the sun is shining for you.

Also, a happy Independents Day to all those indie shops here in the UK!
I hope you've been shown lots of love today.

So, as I've mentioned recently, this month marks 1 year of my website, Four Little Walls.com.
My actual birthday and the blog birthday are January so I felt it was good excuse to have a summer soiree as well as an opportunity to say thanks to all you lovely blog readers, customers and of course my long suffering loved ones for supporting our Little Walls through it's first year!

As a birthday gift from me to you, I'd like to give you all 10% off the newly spruced up website until the 14th July, just enter the code : CAKEPLEASE at the checkout!

I also felt it was time for a giveaway, so here it is!

One lucky winner will receive a 3 tier glass cake stand complete with x12 assorted mini cakes to fill it with!

Two runners up will receive an 'I love you' celebration cake.

To enter simply leave a comment on this post!

Winners will be drawn on Monday 15th July.
Good luck! 


30 June 2013


I've been a bad blogger of late but there is a good excuse, I've gone back to a day job!
Aside from getting me out the house it also means I'll be able to develop Four Little Walls in the way I'd hoped.
I've got lots of plans and projects up my sleeve and hopefully will now be able to see some of those come to be by the end of the year! Hooray!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed  I've been tinkering about with the look and feel of the blog and website?!

Felt it was time to strip it all back a bit, hope you like the mini makeover!
In other, tres exciting news Fourlittlewalls .com celebrates its first birthday this month. I've lots planned to mark the occasion including giveaways, and cheeky discounts so make sure you pop back over the next fortnight to join in the fun! 

17 June 2013

Popping up!

Hope Monday has been gentle with you?

I'm having a big sort out here at Four Little Walls HQ, streamlining the collection and planning for new bits and pieces, all a bit exciting!

More excitingly, Saturday saw Four Little Walls 1st pop-up shop hosted by Disgruntled Cat Vintage here in Faversham.

I was lucky enough to have an entire corner of the shop floor to my self that was promptly filled with doll's houses and many, many mini things!

Finishing touches came in the form of pink balloons and sparkling fairy lights. Sigh.
It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

10 June 2013

Honey I shrunk IKEA!

If you love all things IKEA and modern miniatures, I suspect many of you reading do, prepare to do a little wee of excitement!!

Those clever swedes have created the  pint sized HUSMET range, miniature versions of some of their much loved, life sized pieces.

Now technically, this is intended for children, but since when has that ever stopped us?!

I shall now be counting the days as the range is
  not available to buy until 1st August 
but at least that's time enough to plan where everything is going to go!

I'll leave you with some eye candy.

(All images are copyright to IKEA)

8 June 2013

Mini mojo: It's back!

Morning all,

I've been neglecting the blog lately, partly due to being genuinely busy, but also as a result of losing my mini mojo a bit. I say a bit, there was a particularly low day where I seriously considered having a doll's house shaped bonfire, thankfully that passed so rest assured no mini's have been harmed and I am once again in love with all things small scale.
This self employment lark is not for cissies!

Following a few weeks of pep talks, stress eating and a well timed holiday I'm excited to say the mini mojo has indeed returned!
A few days away, no Internet and a notebook was seemingly all I needed to get a head bursting with ideas for the blog, website and working on  a few bits for myself too so I'm looking forward to sharing those with you!

In the mean time, let me update you with what else has been occurring!

Best of Faversham Market:
This was my first outdoor event and as a result, a bit of a learning curve!
Discovered very quickly that even when packaged most miniatures do not mix with even the slightest of breeze's! That aside, it was a great atmosphere and we met lots of great people. Very much looking forward to making a regular thing out of it.

New Halfway house:
I am excited to share a brand new half way house! Finished in a delicate, soft pink with working sash windows, and realistic tiled roof the house is a breath of fresh air for summer.

Doll's house and miniature scene magazine:
I've gotten very lax at updating the press section here! The latest issue is on the stands bursting with projects and inspiration, plus a column and mood board feature from yours truly. I'm working on new mood board ideas this weekend too so keep an eye out for coming issues!

Right, there's probably more but will leave it there for today! Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing! x

22 May 2013

Mini makeover: washi stairs

I've been racking my brains for more ways to use washi tapes for my mini's.
I liked the lampshades from the 52 week challenge but I needed MORE! (Washi fetish may be getting out of hand...)

Then thanks to the wonders of Pinterest I spotted a full sized staircase makeover and the mini light bulb in my brain went on! 

What you need:
10 minutes
Washi tape

It was very straight forward, you're literally just sticking tape onto the steps!

Keep edges neat by using scissors rather than just tearing. I found the tape wasn't amazingly sticky but did the job. If you want a more permanent feature you could seal with varnish as you would with decoupage? 

Anyway, that's my Mid week make over. 
Washi fix in the bag! Woop woop!