28 September 2012

Week 39: Pretty in pink


Once again, Friday finds me like a kid at Christmas. Just got a huuge delivery of tiny goodies + the biggest box of fimo classic I've ever seen. All will be revealed soon!

But before that, let's get on to week 39 of the 52 week challenge. (There's only 13 weeks left to go, how scary's that?!)

Technically this week's project is how to create the little flower display, short and sweet. Though truthfully, this week's also a lot about showing off this pink sofa. I love it. It's one of a few upholstery bits i'm working on for our show in Essex on the 7th. Excited, but soo much to do!!

Anyway, here's the flowers!

What I used:
Small paper flowers (mine were from C&H)
Small, glass vase

Scenic gravel

What I did:
I'm not going to insult your intelligence by going in depth here! 
I filled the vase with a thin layer of gravel before cutting the flower stalks to size and arranging in the vase.
I didn't use any fixatives as I'm not sure if i'll want the vase back for something else yet, though if you've got a suitable one that you want to make more permanent you could try adding a little scenic water to the vase before adding the flowers, that would look fab!

Before I go dive into more painting and furniture building, just a reminder there's still time to enter the name that monkey competition & take part in the mini survey for a chance to win a room box!

Results of both will be announced this Sunday. Good luck!

24 September 2012

Name that Monkey!


Frantically painting and gluing and getting lots of new stock ready for the website. With everything going on I've neglected to think of a name for my own latest addition, so I'm handing it over to you!

This handsome chap found his way into my hands at Miniautra on Saturday. I loved his little jacket and sticky up hair. :)

All suggestions welcome! I'll pull one out of a hat at the weekend, the monkey will be christened and the name giver sent a mini book of their choice (titles to follow!) to say thanks.
So, name that monkey!!!

**UPDATE** 27/9/2012

Apologies for the horrible, blurry, picture but here's a little peek at the books the winner can choose from!

Beatrix potter - Jemima Puddle duck, Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny or Mrs Tiggy Winkle (not shown)
The Frog Prince
Penguin Fiction - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Brighton Rock, War of the Worlds
50 Shades of Grey

22 September 2012

Looking after the pennies

Just a quick interruption to your weekend.

After a few serious, brain numbing, number crunching sessions we have had a big review of some of our accessory prices with many items now priced (permanently) lower! Hooray!!

You can now pick up a copy of 50 shades for just £1.00, go on. It'll be our secret.. :p

21 September 2012

Week 38: (Cheaters) cupcakes!

I would like to start by saying this is not my finest work! Ha!

So please consider this week more of a show and tell than a tutorial. :) 

Determined to create some teeny treats for cupcake week I set to work with the fimo, turns out modelling those little bases is MUCH harder than I thought it would be, so what we have here is a cheaters tray of iced cup cakes. The misshapen, bases have been disguised with the use of a metal tray. :s That aside , pretty happy with 

What I used: 
Fimo in brown, for bases 
White + 5 colours for icing 
Fimo gel 
Cocktail stick 
Metal trays 

What I did: 
As usual, please read and follow manufacturers instructions before using and baking polymer clay! 

Soften the brown fimo and cut into x6, equal pieces.

Shape the pieces into something resembling the scored bases of a baked cupcake. Use the cocktail stick to add detail if you wish. 

Bake the bases for a few minutes to firm them a little, leave to cool.

I wanted sugary, pastel coloured icing so mixed White fimo with some pink, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Add a few drops of fimo gel to the blended clays and mix in until the clay has a spreadable consistency and apply to the bases using a cocktail stick or similar.

Bake for a further 10-20 mins (refer to manufacturers instructions!) 

Once completely cooled off, fix the cupcakes to the baking trays and display (with pride!). 

Don't forget, there's still time to use the National cupcake week offer over at fourlittlewalls.com.

Just enter CUPCAKE12 at the checkout to get -15% off anything that takes your fancy. 

I would be a little sadder about how the cakes turned out, but frankly I'm too excited about MINIATURA !

Yes, an entire day of being surrounded by dolls houses and beautiful, tiny things. *happy dance* 

Have a lovely weekend!!

19 September 2012


It's a bit early for Halloween but I was building this little beauty today and couldn't resist sharing!

The coffin comes in kit form, is made in the UK and is produced in real, unfinished mahogany ready to be varnished and polished up to your hearts desire.

All the little brass fittings come with it too. Maybe a little sinister, but I LOVE it!

Pop over to the shop if you fancy a macabre treat, and don't forget to use your 15% off discount code! It's valid until 24/9/12

Enter CUPCAKE12 at the checkout.


17 September 2012

Get 15% off at fourlittlewalls.com

Happy Monday!

Today marks the start of National Cupcake week here in the UK, regular readers of this blog will already be aware that cake in general is one of my most favorite things.

So, to celebrate all things cake related i'm offering 15% off all orders over at fourlittlewalls.com this week.
Maybe treat yourself to some small scale baking essentials?! The discount is for everyone, so even if you're not celebrating Cupcake week where you are this week you can still join in the small scale fun.

To claim your 15% off simply enter the discount code at the check out: CUPCAKE12
The offer ends on 24th September 2012

Recipe book + stand available at fourlittlewalls.com


16 September 2012

Cath Kidston shoe box competition!

Drop everything!!

I was in the Canterbury branch of Cath Kidston today, incidentally stocking up on papers. Got chatting to the lady at the till, when she commented the papers were almost too nice to wrap presents in I explained they were going into dolls houses she got very excited and told me about THIS...

The design a room in a shoe box competition is open to UK residents only, the deadline is 28th September, cutting it fine I know, but you can do it!! The winner gets £500 of vouchers. How lovely!!

If you are thinking of entering, please, please read all Cath Kidston's terms and conditions first via the link at the top of this post, don't forget to show us your pics too! :)

If you're not up for a bit competitive dolls house design you could always get a mini CK fix over at fourlittlewalls.com! We've still got a few items in stock thanks by the fabulous Roxanne from Baking in miniature. Snap em up, quick! x

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the company Cath Kidston, the competition or choosing the winners ect!! 

14 September 2012

Week 37: On the roof

Tiling the roof is one of those jobs that when finished looks rather fabulous but getting it done seems to take FOREVER!
Tiles and lead flashing detail

I've just finished covering our first 'half way house'. Half way because it hangs on the wall, showing the front rooms. This was great for simple roof tiling as there's no fiddly dormers or chimneys to negotiate with!

What I used:

Bromley craft x500 roof tile pack
Black and White acrylic paint
PVA glue
Craft knife
Lead flashing (optional!)

What I did:

This is a job to crack out the DVD player for. Something epic and long or a series box set should do the trick.
I stuck with the old faithfuls, SATC, interspersed with a bit of Gossip girl for company.

In flight entertainment sorted, lay out as many of the tiles on a covered, flat surface as you can fit. (tip: you WILL need more than you think!!)

Painted and naked tiles!

Mix a slate grey colour with the paints and begin painting. Make sure you get all the edges too, it will show on the roof if they've got bare patches!

If you need to mix more paint try to match as close as you can, there will probably be a little difference in tone but that's fine, just mix up all the finished (dry!) tiles before you start putting them on the roof.

Half weathered
I used nearly a whole x500 pack of tiles to do one side of a relatively small dollshouse so be warned if you're tiling larger roofs!

For further weathering effects you may want to add more paint/ pastel detail. I recommend sealing the lot with a clear, matte varnish when you're done.

To finish the top edge I added a strip of lead flashing (also from Bromley Crafts).
I'm, finally, now the proud owner of a rather handsome roof top! Yess!

Right, well that's the half way house finally finished!! Will have to give you a little tour at some point. In the mean time, I've a little box of goodies to photograph for the website, all will be revealed over the weekend, but here's a sneaky peek....
Polished, pear wood, high chair, made in England, gorgeous!www.fourlittlewalls.com


13 September 2012

Win a Roombox : Extension!

Ok, I confess, I may have momentarily forgotten I was supposed to be drawing a winner for the room box...two weeks ago.

Seeing as we're now 2 weeks into September I've decided to just extended the competition, so if you've not entered yet there's still time!

All you need to do is answer my nosy questions about your dolls houses. Anybody leaving their name and contact details will be entered into the draw (which WILL happen on September 30th!)

Remember, the winner can decide if they want their room box decorated or left bare, so good luck.
Very excited to be giving one of these away!!

Polite notice: If you have already entered please don't enter again as you may be preventing somebody else from having their chance. (Survey only allows a limited number of responses.)

I would also like to stress your details will not be shared with ANYBODY and the only person that can see your responses is me. I know a few of you had concerns that the survey was part of a larger, market research company but rest assured, no. Just me! :)

9 September 2012

These are a few of my favorite things..

I'm very excited. Again.

Today I get to show you the gorgeous, new bits and pieces in Four Little Walls store, fresh from the USA!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Roxanne over at Baking in Miniature, creator of these little beauties....

Book stand with recipe book

This is (I hope!) the first of many capsule collections from lovely makers the world over, stock is super-duper limited so snap them up quick and I'll order some more ASAP! :)

7 September 2012

Week 36: Office wall


It's week 36, friends have gone back to work, school, uni (nearly). Meaning allegedly summer is over! While I've not returned to anything as such I still feel I should try to organise my self a little so with that in mind here's this weeks project.

I got the idea from some trendy interior office type photo's on Pinterest. You know the sort?

Well, here's a mini version to keep all your teeny tiny paper work in order. It only takes 20 mins!

What I used:
x5 cardboard tiles, 1 for every working day (7 if you want a calendar week!)
Scrap card
Acrylic paint in White and silver
Washi tape (to decorate)
Glue stick

What I did:
I went with a cardboard, White and gold theme for my boards but you can go with what ever you fancy.

Paint and decorate your cardboard tiles. Make them all the same if you're a stickler for conformity or go wild and mix em up.

Paint the card board scrap in silver and leave to dry.

Cut the scrap into x5 equal strips, these will become the metal clip at the top of the boards.

Attach the silver strips to the boards.
Finish with assorted papers, mini magazine cuttings and to do lists!

When you're happy with them fix to the wall with tack wax.


3 September 2012

Week 35: Knock knock

Better late than never!

Here's week 34, a little look at doors.

I've been playing about with ideas for the house I took to the show, I fitted 'stunt doors' into all the rooms so there was plenty of scope!

All the doors pictured started life as bare, light wood.

I've used real brass door knobs on all of them (supplier unknown I'm afraid, have had them over 10 years.), though we'll have a closer look at knobs and knockers later!

Stained in Georgian Oak

Shabby style White wash with heart decoration

Terrace front doors painted in Crown La Petite Maison Armoise

And The Nursery paint company 'Rosie Cheeks'

Still think there's a lot more I can do with a door! Want to try out varnishes and some glossy paints. In the mean time here's a little bit of inspiration over on my Pinterest page!

Tips for successful door painting:

  • DONT rush it!! You'll be ever so upset if you paint the door shut.
  • Apply a number of thin coats of paint rather than one thick one. You'll get a better finish and won't lose any detail of the wood or mouldings under yucky paint globs.
  • If your door has any perspex panels in it make sure they're suitably masked off before you start throwing paint about. (Unless you've got a very steady hand, in which case fire away.)

2 September 2012

A little sex & the city?

You may well have already seen the pics doing the rounds in the press / online?
No, not Prince Harry sans pants, I'm talking about the work of artist IƱaki Aliste Lizarralde. Images have been doing the rounds after he created some lovely sketches of famous TV/ film floor plans, including The Big Bang theory, Friends and my all time favourite fictional flat,belonging to none other than Sex & the City's, Carrie Bradshaw.

Had series 1-6 pretty much on a loop for the whole of my degree. (and went through a phase of changing the language settings to see if it would help me learn French. It didn't.)
After 13 house moves in 7 years, I've probably spent more time round Carrie's than any of my own so naturally got a little over excited when I saw this!

Fans will have their own opinions about the decor, while I loved it though out the series the little make over in  the first movie was pretty lovely. (I'm not willing to discuss the 2nd movie, let's please pretend it didn't happen.)

Entrance (circa the series)

Bedroom (circa the movie!)

The closet. sigh.

Kitchen (after the post -break -up, make-over.)

All this oggling pictures of floor plans and layouts and interiors got the dolls house weirdo part of my brain ticking...Sex and the city dolls house? It may have to be done. I'm sure somebody somewhere has probably already had a go, if so would LOVE to see some pics please?! 

p.s I'm aware I still owe you week:35 from the 52 week challenge! apologies if anybody was waiting on it.
I gave myself a little holiday last week so we'll play catch up tomorrow.