Friday, 28 December 2012

Week 52: fabulous footstool finale!

Right, are you sitting comfortably?
You should be by the end of this post!

For the 52nd, final instalment of the 52 week challenge we're making a little footstool, or pouffe, depending on your preference!
(I myself am partial to a pouffe but felt foot stool to be more universal!! )

Having enjoyed a house full of extra bodies during the festive period we had to get a bit creative with seating and sleeping arrangements on a few occasions!  A foot stool can come in very handy to park extra bottoms or for general flopping about at parties, so with New Year's Eve looming I thought a few extra seats around the doll's house were in order too!

What I used:
Fabric swatch
Strip of felt in contrasting colour
Scrap of stuffing
Glue gun
Small card board box
Fabric swatches (free from a department store furniture department!) and boxes

What I did:
First, Make sure your fabric is big enough to cover the entire box, all sides and with a little extra to allow for stuffing the top side.

Glue one edge of the box and attach fabric.
Snip the fabric sides so that 'flaps' are formed, this makes it easier to cover around the corners of the box.
Continue to glue the fabric in place around the edges of the box, leave on edge open for the stuffing.
The fabric should be pulled tight across the box so use a thin pencil to push the stuffing into place.
When you're happy with the squishy ness fix the final edge of fabric in place.
Trim any excess fabric off.

Cut a strip of felt or fabric long enough to go all the way around the base of the box and glue in place!

Even the tiniest of Cats seem to bag the best seats!

Ta da! It's ready to be put in your lounge/ bedroom wherever you need a extra perch!

I've started getting ready for New Years, the champagne's on ice and the nibbles are out! As an end of 2012/ end of 52 week challenge treat, I snapped up a tiny party cake. Made by Homewardflight, it's perfectly proportioned and covered in sparkles. LOVE.

Cake and bubbles. Yess!!

I'll post again before 2012 is out but for now, that's all from the 52 week challenge!!
Can't believe it's over, I hope you've enjoyed following the highs and lows of my mini makings this year and thanks so much for your lovely comments, emails and general loveliness!! It's been fab!!

Have a great weekend, last one of the year, make it a good one!



  1. gracias por ese tutorial del taburete , es muy sencillo y practico , esos preparativos para la fiesta estan muy bien

    besitos y feliz año nuevo