30 December 2012

Betty Magazine: Winter 2013 Issue

Suddenly occurred to me I've not shouted about this on the blog yet!! Clearly Christmas madness distracted me for a moment there.

Any way, I'm very excited to reveal the 'Betty Box' ! Made especially for Betty Magazine to accompany an interview with yours truly all about miniatures and how Four Little Walls came to be.

Bit exciting really isn't it?! 
Click Here to see the article.

You can read the full interview and lots of other fab features in the Winter 2013 Issue, out NOW!

27 December 2012

New toys

There's lots of things I should've been doing today, none of them included playing with new stock!
Here's a sneak peek at some of the accessories waiting to go the site for 2013!
Couldn't resist a little mess about. :)

Don't forget to pop back tomorrow for the final project in the 52 week challenge!

26 December 2012

Boxing day SALE

Happy Boxing day!

Hope you're all having a fab Christmas with your loved ones and pleasantly stuffed full of naughty food!

Just thought I'd let you know that the Four Little walls SALE has begun.
There's a selection of seconds and discontinued items to be had should you be in the market for a mini bargain!

So much better than leaving the house for the full sized hell that is in-store , Boxing day sales! 
Stay home, keep the PJ's on and browse at your leisure!

Orders will be dispatched, Thursday 27th, 
Friday 28th, 
Saturday 29th and again from January 2nd. 


24 December 2012

Week 51: T'was the night before Christmas

I had big plans for week 51.
Spectacular, inspiring, Christmas plans.

These plans were scuppered well and truly by numerous things ( and a total lack of organisation on my part!);
Relatives arriving for the holidays, relatives having to return home to collect forgotten luggage. (Said luggage had, among other vital items, my Christmas present, so clearly I was first to boot them back on the train! :p)
Winter Solstice party, which was wonderful and warm and full of naughty food and potent drinks.
Subsequently, Saturday was slow and foggy headed and full of self loathing, but relieved that the world did not come to a fiery end.
Sunday saw more relatives arrive so we cracked open another few bottles of festive spirit, which brings us to Christmas Eve and a seemingly endless to do list + rapidly shrinking time frame.
There's a reason this only happens once a year, flippin' exhausting!!

Any way, what I have managed to pull together are a few final festive touches, pretty basic but easy to adapt  and pimp up to your own specifications! 

Glitter felt
Fine feather trim
Needle and thread

Cut x 2 simple stocking shapes from the felt and lay glitter sides facing each other.
Using a needle and thread neatly stitch all around (leave a gap at the top!)
Turn the stocking right side out, use a thin pencil to help push the heel and toe right out, but  make sure you don't poke it all the way through!
I trimmed the top edge with fine feathers and attached with tacky glue. Feather may need trimming back a little but wait until the glue has dried else it could get a bit messy!

Your stocking is ready to stuff with goodies and hang above the mantel piece!

If you've no feathers try thin ribbons, beads and fabric scraps to personalise your stocking.

Sack of Toys:
x2 small squares of calico
needle and thread
Metallic thread

Stitch three sides of the two squares together as neatly as possible.
Make a running stitch around the top, open edge (NOT through.) Leave a good length of thread at the end so that you don't lose it when you tun the square inside out.
Fill with stuffing to reach desired effect.
You could also try adding odd shaped beads and scraps to look more like toys hidden away inside?!
Pull the loose thread tight to gather the top edge and secure in a little knot.
Trim the top in metallic thread.
Pop in your mini sleigh, under the tree or at the foot of the bed ready to be opened tomorrow morning!

Merry Christmas!

Right, next week is week 52, the FINAL week of the 52 week challenge!! I'm a little excited about this.
There's one or two things I'd like to share between now and then also but for now, let me wish you all a very , merry Christmas. May it be stuffed full of lovely people, food and a mini treat or two! :)


19 December 2012

20% off mini Christmas food and drink!


Only 6 more sleeps! Who's excited?! *waves hand in the air wildly*

Just thought I'd let you all know I've knocked 20% off all mini food and drink at fourlittlewalls.com
Maybe you were tempted by the hand made turkeys or fancy a bottle of fizz for the big day?

There's still time to order for Christmas (UK ONLY!) as Royal Mails' last post for 1st class is Thursday 20th!!.
As an extra little present from me, all pre- Christmas orders will receive a free wreath *while stocks last

16 December 2012

Winner , winner, Turkey dinner!

It's time to announce the winner of the Christmas dinner giveaway!

Thank you to all of that left your comments/shared links and were generally fabulous. It's very appreciated!

So, with out further ado the winner is

*drum roll*


Drora please get in touch asap with your details so I can arrange postage for you.
(I know it's going to arrive a little late for Christmas day but at least there's no expiry date on this dinner eh?!)

Thanks again to everybody fo taking part, hope the preprations for Christmas aren't getting too out of hand.

I'm off to wash blankets and clean bedrooms, family start descending on us this week!! :)


14 December 2012

Week 50: Oh Christmas tree!


It's time for the tree. Or tree's if you're greedy like me.

As in real life, when it comes to decorating Christmas trees I think every body's got their own way of doing things. Today I'll show you what I got up to with mine. The key to success I've found to be in a hot glue gun!!

What I used:
Pose able Christmas tree OR
Bottle brush Christmas tree
Assorted mini decoration packs (beads and sequins will do just as well.)
Assorted ribbons
Vintage beads & buttons

Top tips for tarted up trees!

As I said before everybody has their own way of doing the tree so rather than a step by step I thought I'd just do a few tips for you to play about with/ dis-regard as you see fit! :)

- If you're tree is the fuller figured, pose able tree (my spruce of choice!) take a moment to 'fluff' it!
Wonky branches don't make for an easy decorating job.

- If you've got a bottle brush tree go crazy with beads. They nestle very nicely in the bristles and tend to look better the more they get thrown onto them! (I've found that ribbons don't look too great on these ones but maybe I was just doing it wrong?!)

- I usually start with strings of things. If you've got ribbons or strings of little beads now would be the time to wind them round. Start from the bottom and wind your way up. Use a small blob of glue at keep in place as and where necessary.

- I used beads and broken jewellery as baubles and larger tree decorations.
There was a little box of broken necklaces that came from my nans after she passed away, the tiny beads turned out to be the perfect size for mini baubles (I'm sure Nan won't mind me gluing her old jewels to tiny trees, she quite liked my doll's house!)

My Nan's broken necklaces being put to good use!

- Build up the baubles evenly around the tree, symmetry isn't particularly vital though, you can always hide any ugly bits against the wall!!

desk has become a mini forest!
Well, as you can see I've gone to town with the tiny trees this year. Yet to tackle the real thing as we're in the process of ripping the front room of the house (and putting it back together again!) all before next Friday. In the mean time here's a pic of my sister's tree. She's very proud of it even though it takes up the majority of her little flat!
Tree Hall of fame: Frank (short for Frankincense!)
My sister's first tree away from home. Isn't he handsome?!

Well, that's it for this week! Just TWO left for the 52 week challenge!!
Don't forget there's still time to enter the Christmas dinner giveaway.
Thank you to every one who's left comments, tweeted, shared links and pictures so far!


13 December 2012

A girl's best friend..

Diamonds meet doll's houses. Need I say more?!

These pictures are probably old news to many of you now, but I can't stop looking at them.
Here's some snaps featured by the Daily Mail earlier in the week of Tiffany & Co's, Bond Street, Christmas windows.

Dreamed up by Tiffany's vice president of creative and visual merchandising ( quite a title!) Richard Moore, these mini displays are breathtaking. The massive diamonds aren't bad either.

12 December 2012

Stuff & things: December

With so many things to be done in just 25 days it can all become a bit of a blur. (Though that could also be the gin.)

Thought I'd share a few non-mini related pics, just for a change.

(If any of you are on Instagram you can find me under Kat-fourlittlewalls )

Don't forget there's still time to enter the Christmas giveaway. Thank you to all of you that have posted and tweeted about it so far! X

Advent calendar (because really I'm still only 7!)
Bauble filled sleigh
Surprise snow

9 December 2012

Stuff & things: Sunday sort out


Slightly frazzled after day of Christmas shopping. Pretty sure we now own shares in the local toy department. Lots of new babies and little people to buy for this year, would be so much easier (and fun!) if EVERYBODY still wanted toys!!

Any way, I'm having a little admin session this evening and have just updated the Press and 52 Week challenge sections of the blog.

Some 'old' 52 week challenge blog projects

Worth having a look through if you missed any of the projects, can't believe there's only 3 left!

Happy Sunday to you all. Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win a Christmas dinner for your doll's house!! Pudding included.

7 December 2012

Week 49: Christmas cake

My real life baking is a bit hit and miss.

Last week, in a bid to become a domestic, festive, goddess I made a batch of gingerbread biscuits. Looked great. Tasted like feet. And I burnt out the food mixer. They went in the bin.

Last night however I baked a batch of sticky gingerbread cupcakes and they, though I do say so myself , were stupendous!
My family were so shocked. Always the reaction I look for with my cooking!

Today I thought I'd show you one of my more successful attempts at cake making, it's miniature. Shocking I know!

What I used:
White glitter effect Fimo
Red Fimo
Green Fimo
Round clay cutters (optional)
Cocktail sticks

What I did:
First knead the white glitter Fimo until good and squidgy, (that IS a technical term!) and and cut into x 3 pieces, graduating down in size. If you have cutters you can now press out 3 tiers for the cake. If you don't, and it's fine if you don't , roll the pieces into balls . flatten them with a ruler or similar and roll the edges until nice and smooth.
Sculpting the layers rather than cutting them out obviously takes a little longer but can be quite therapeutic  (And very satisfying when you manage to get them all looking how you want them!)

Following the manufacturers instructions, part bake the cake layers for a few minutes, allow to cool before handling then assemble the cake.

Roll tiny scraps of red Fimo to form berries, flatten and shape scraps of the green Fimo to form little holly leaves.
Using a cocktail stick, attach the leaves and berries to the cake, press gently with the cocktail stick.
Pop back in the oven for another few minutes to allow the cake to harden.

Allow to cool completely before popping on a dish or plate to serve.

Now, compared to real baking, that was painless!!

Have a lovely weekend, Christmas prep is in full swing here, mini and other wise, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, for your doll's house!

Good luck!

5 December 2012

Christmas dinner giveaway

We've got snow!!

It'll probably be all gone by tonight but the white stuff seems to have jump started Christmassy feelings all round.

So, in the spirit of all things festive I thought it was about time we had a giveaway!

I've been posting seasonal snaps for a few weeks now and I thought it was about time we saw what mini things you lot have been up to in the run up to Christmas!

All you need to do for a chance to win Christmas goodies is leave a comment on this post with a link to your pictures. If you fancy you can post them to the Facebook page too or if you're strapped for time but still want the chance to win just Tweet about it and spread the word.  Everybody will only be counted once but you can post as many pics as you like, plus I'm nosy and want to see what you've been up to! :)

I'll draw the winners name on the 16th December, just in time for one mini house hold to receive their Christmas dinner!

Yep, the whole dinner! That's 1 hand sculpted turkey, x 1 mash potatoes  x 1 roasted vegetables, x 1 peas and carrots, x 1 cranberry sauce, x 1 steamed potatoes with butter, x 6 individual pigs in blankets and of course a Christmas pudding for dessert!
All hand made by Frippery Factory

(Please note: The competition is open to everyone, everywhere though if you're the winner and you happen to live outside the UK/EU the chance of the prize reaching you before December 25th are very slim!)

Good luck! And happy snapping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway (don't panic! Your details are not being shared, this is the fancy software tracking all the entries!)

1 December 2012

Week 48: Lazy table linens


The count down has officially begun! Day 1 of the advent calendar down, 23 to go!
In a slightly premature move, I've set the table for Christmas dinner. (mini. obviously.)

Mainly because I wanted to show off the Turkey dinners by Frippery factory some more but also to share week 48's project, Lazy table linens!

What I used:
Sharp scissors
Fray check (optional)
Iron (really optional!)

What I did:
There's really no real secret to this weeks project. I wanted to dress the table for Christmas and had some fabric scrap laying about, i'm not really a fan of full table clothes as they never seem to drape right so the slightly more contemporary runners and place mats were what I opted for.

For the runner measure and cut a strip of fabric to cover the length of the table, ensure there's enough for an equal amount to hang over each end of the table.

If you're worried about fraying seal the raw edges with some fray check (i use a little tacky glue which works just as well.) and if you're feeling really pro active you could press the runner flat. I cut the ends into a tapered point to look a little fancy.

For place mats I cut x 4 equal rectangles...the end. Ha!

I used co-ordinating fabrics for the runner and place mats though my table wasn't big enough to have both at the same time. You could play about with sizes and styles or really push the boat out by adding some beads  to the runner ends? What ever takes your fancy!

Hope that's given you some ideas for your own mini Christmas table?!

I'm planning a little giveaway what with the festive season being in full swing so pop back on Sunday to see what goodies are up for grabs!

Have a lovely weekend.