22 November 2012

Week 47: Pimp my ride


This weeks post is coming to you a whole day early as I'm off on a little seaside adventure tomorrow. Bit excited!

Obviously there's a heavy dose of Christmas with the project this week but it could easily be adapted for any other time of year, a bike is for life !!

What I used:
Plain metal bike
Red enamel paint
Silver enamel paint
Scrap of leather
Tacky glue
Thin paint brush

What I did:

There's no quick way of doing this as enamel paint takes aaaages to dry and you'll probably need 2-3 coats before the colour really looks good. I'd do a coat here and there over a day or two around other jobs, that way feels like no time at all.

I picked out the body of the bike in red and the wheel spokes and pedals in silver.
When you're happy with the paint, cut a scrap of leather to fit the saddle and cover with a thin layer of tacky glue. Stretch the leather over the saddle and fix in place. You might need to trim it in places but you can do this when the glue drys.

For some finishing touches I pooped some letters in the front basket and a parcel on the rack at the back.
Ta da!
Leave parked outside in the snow or propped up in the hallway.

Right, I'm off to pedal my wares at a Christmas show before packing my bags for tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, and happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond!


18 November 2012

Duvet day

Having a lazy day here. Not totally lazy as got some sorting out to do after yesterday's show but all activities will take place whilst wearing pyjamas!

Thanks to all that popped down to the stall, here's a little snap of what you missed if you didn't make it!

16 November 2012

Week 46: Let it snow


Only 5 weeks left to go?! Where has the year gone?!

Today It's all about the white stuff!
I've had a very satisfying and messy few days experimenting with various varieties of snow effects.

What I used:
Scenic shovelled snow
Scenic snow flakes
Scenic bonding glue
Scenic spray glue
Scenic ice particles (essentially very fine glitter)

What I did:

The roof-
Let's take it from the top!

I've been working on a festive themed house for this weekends show and wanted a good sprinkling of snow on the roof for seasonal effect!

Firstly, I covered the roof using the plaster mix and stencil method (featured here!) to cover the surface.
When the tiles had totally dried I gave the entire area a generous spritz of scenic spray glue.
Next I used the pot of snow flakes (this one came in a handy shaker pot, much like you'd get your spices in, and shake generously to cover the roof with an even layer of snow.

You can build up the layers by adding more glue and more sprinklings of snow. Allow to dry in between coats and shake excess off so you can see where the snow has fallen!

For further detail brush on scenic bonding glue and dab some 'shoveled snow' onto areas where you'd like to have thicker snow drifts.

For added sparkle add a little sprinkle of ice particles. (I LOVE this bit!)
Seal the finished roof with a little more spray glue or matte spray varnish.

Boots (or other accessories!)
I like a bit of grubbiness in a Doll's house, adds a bit of life to them (without the aid of a doll!) so I thought a pair of welly boots left at the door would be a nice touch.

I filled a small tray with shoveled snow and dabbed some scenic bonding glue on the soles of the welly boots before 'walking them' through the snow.

Shake off excess and allow to dry , I popped them upside down on paintbrushes for ease!

Pop by the back door or in the hallway for fun wintry touch!

- Snowballs
Mix shoveled snow flakes with PVA glue, roll into balls (VERY messy!) leave to dry.

Hope that's given some snowy inspiration!
Off to put the finishing touches to bits for the show tomorrow. Hope to see some faces there! :)

13 November 2012

Tonight looks like...


Could do with a few little elves in this workshop before Saturday's show!!

12 November 2012

Christmas with Four Little Walls

Well, it's been a bit of weekend for whipping up pre - Xmas excitement here at HQ!!

First there were all the department store ads. You know the ones!
THEN there were whispering s of the Coca cola ad making an appearance. I'm yet to see it, but none the less it does mean that the count down has officially begun!

Mr Snowman

As you may already be aware this is Four Little Walls first Christmas and I'm hoping to celebrate in style!

With lots of lovely deliveries over the last few weeks (the post man now gives me a wide berth, always a bit over excited to see him!) I've been busying away trying to photograph and list everything I can on the website + prepare bits for upcoming shows and keep our little cabinet in Disgruntled Cat Vintage nicely stocked!

The Christmas shop is now filled to bursting with all manner of mini treats, from trees and wreaths to delicious dinners, bottles of bubbly and hand made toys. Go have a look and see if there's something that takes your fancy!

Roast turkey by Frippery Factory

Pick your side dishes for your Christmas dinner! 

If you're looking for a little pre-December fix why not snap up one of these (real life sized!) advent calendars?!

Beautifully illustrated by Sally Swannell you can count down to the big day in style.

(Please note: If you're ordering outside the UK please allow plenty of time for a Dec 1st delivery!!)

11 November 2012

Remember them


Before I go and get stuck into more website drudgery I wanted to take a moment for Remembrance Sunday.

We spent a good, sobering, hour this morning on the sofa, glued to the BBC, watching the Veterans marching in London and paying their respects to fallen comrades.
My lovely Granddad spent 4 years fighting for Queen and country in WWII but was always very humble about his experiences. I always wish we'd asked him about it more! So, today we'll be raising a glass to him and wearing our poppies with pride.


9 November 2012

Week 45: Super simple sledge


Ok, I AM aware it is only the 9th of November, but it is Winter here in the UK whether we like it or not. And Winter = snow. Some people have a had a little dusting already, which is fine, they can keep it, it's very pretty but don't want it just yet, got things to do!

I have scheduled snow showers (of the miniature variety! I don't yet have the power to control the weather. :p) for next Friday so in readiness today we're making sledges!

This is really a lazy girls guide to sledge making as I've not used any wood/ workshop tools you could get a bit more involved and use harder wood, but why over complicate things?!

What I used:
Thin panel of balsa wood
Thin dowel / tooth pick
New scalpel/ craft knife
Super glue
Paint of your choice (I used acrylic)
Thin twine/ string (optional)
Fine sand paper / nail file

Template pieces
x2 runners
x 1 seat
x 1 front rail

What I did:
First draw out your sledge pieces, if you're confident do it straight onto the wood, if not make a card template first.

The sledge could really be as big or small as you choose. The runners for the one pictured were approx 5 cm long and just under 1 cm high. I spaced the runners approx 2 cm apart so you'll need to calculate your square seat panel accordingly.

With a steady hand, cut your sledge pieces out using the craft knife and smooth any rough edges. (balsa splinters really easily so don't get too rough with it !)

Cut the dowel/ tooth pick to fit across the front of the sledge.

If you decide to paint the sledge you can give the pieces a quick coat or two, though it's pretty easy to paint them when assembled too.

Carefully glue the square seat panel in place along the top edges of the runners, make sure they're flush.

Fit the bar across the front of the sedge and glue in place.

Leave to dry, if you want to attach a pull-along handle, tie some thin twine to the front bar.

Ta da!

Leave by the mini door ready for next weeks snow!

On the off chance that you want something a little fancier for your snow day (and in an act of shameless self-promotion!) you could treat your self or a mini mate to one of these rather lovely, hard wood sledge kits, now in stock at four little walls.com!

6 November 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Got very over excited about this little lot arriving this morning, the post man looked more frightened than usual.

They'll be on the website later today, though not sure I can actually part with any of them. *worst business woman ever!*

Super sweet gingerbread houses

German made, wooden train set

The Grinch!

2 November 2012

Week 44: Picture perfect

Ok, this was not quite the mini extravaganza I'd planned. This is because I've been busy working on some top secret, mini things that I am DESPERATE to show you , but I can't. Yet. I feel like an impatient child!!

That said, I do love these little frames. It's becoming a bit of a problem actually. Every magazine cutting, postcard  scrap of wallpaper, wrapping paper, food packet is being inspected for it's framability (not sure that's a real word but artistic license and all that!) Here's my latest victims projects. 

What I used:
Wooden picture frames, various sizes
Assorted cuttings, photos, etc 

Hacking past birthday card to bits

What I did:
It's very short and sweet really, I gathered together a few pictures that I thought would look good together, not too matchy-matchy, just co-ordinated. Went for a bit of black, white and red mix.
I painted the frames with acrylic and left to dry. 
Cut your pictures to size. The frames I used had a recess in the back so everything slotted in neatly, if your frame doesn't have recess just back your picture onto some thin card, that should help keep it taught. 
Pop your pictures into the frames and voila! 

Use tacky wax to fix them to the walls, or stack them like those trendy, designer types do. Fancy.

The finished pictures are a chopped up birthday card from a lovely friend and a mustache, to mark the start of Movember! Your loved ones may already have signed up as a 'Mo bro' to raise awareness and support for mens health charities by cultivating fine facial hair through out the month of November  . If not, quick! There's still time! My Dad is taking part this year but has expressly forbidden me to share any pictures with you,  he's shy. And a spoil sport! Ha. 

Before I go, I will give you a teeny teaser of what's coming up both in the shop and on the blog. Hint: it starts with 'C'!! Ahhhhhhh! 

Have a lovely weekend! x