30 October 2012

Purrrfect pumpkin

Ok, not quite perfect but I love her all the same. Mini ones were much easier!!

29 October 2012

For Sale: 2 Bed terrace


In a desperate bid to claim back some space here at HQ, i'm selling off one of our display houses.

It's not quite up to the standard i'd want for a Four Little Walls house (wonky door frames, wobbly brick work) but it's got a certain charm to it none the less. See the ebay listing here

It's a double version of the 'Halfway house', now available to order, should any body be in the market for a smart little 2 room property!

Modern fitted kitchen is included, all doors have been fitted with real brass knobs. The house can be hung on the wall to save space.

Give me a shout if you have any Q's! x

28 October 2012

Let's eat CAKE!

This is a woefully late blog post which I'd intended to post when the current (about to go off sale!) issue of The Dolls House magazine hit the stands. Slacking!

For those of you that didn't see the issue, my column this month was all about a subject close to my heart.
CAKE. Specifically, miniature cake.

I spoke about three of my most favorite cake makers, 

While I adore the work of all three there was only space for ONE picture on the page. Sigh. 
So, I thought we'd best have another look and marvel at the mouth-watering makes of these super talented artists. Please take a moment to admire, and maybe indulge. It's all calorie free after all! 

Kim Saulter - The Cupcake Queen reigns supreme!

Halloween treats by Paris Miniatures
Marble cake slices by Homeward flight


26 October 2012

Week 43: Hallway bench


This week has seen the arrival of many lovely festive things and I got a bit over excited! I've tried to reign it in but there is still something distinctly seasonal about today s project!

In a bid to spruce up the hallway in my big dollhouse I've added this little bench. But not before it got tarted up a bit.

What I used:

Whitewood bench
Wood stain (colour of your choice)
White chalk paint
Fine sandpaper

For the cushion
Thin card
Wadding/ stuffing
Tacky glue

What I did;

Firstly sand any rough edges on the bench before giving a coat of wood stain all over.

Leave to dry thoroughly before covering in White chalk paint. This usually only needs one coat but add more if it looks patchy.

Allow the paint to dry totally before sanding.

I sanded through to reveal the stain around the decorative. cut out bits and the edges of the seat.

For the cushion, measure the seat area and cut a rectangle of thin card just 2mm shorter. (To allow for fabric coverage)

Cut a section of fabric to fit the card, ensure there's enough excess to wrap around the edges.
Glue the front edge first to ensure a neat finish to work from, then fix the two shot edges in place. I used tacky glue as it's got a nice 'grab' to it but ordinary PVA would work too.

Use a small piece of stuffing and fill the cushion evenly. When you're happy that the cushion is suitably squishy glue the last edge in place.

Fit the cushion in place. You could glue it but if you leave it loose you can change the cushion whenever you fancy!

Well, make yourselves comfy! I'm off to work on something VERY exciting and glittery. All revealed in due course. :)

Have a fab weekend! x

22 October 2012

Four Little Walls big day out

Evening chaps!

Had a great time at the GO Shopping event on Saturday. Even sold a 'pre-loved' house. It's got a new home with a very sweet little girl. She didn't quite understand what was going on (too little! ) but was excited! Aww!

Incase you didn't pop in, here's a few snaps from the stand.

19 October 2012

Week 42: Pretty Pumpkins


Having miraculously escaped a hang over after girly night with the BFF today has actually been very productive! (Just as well,  as I'm off for the 2nd date with GO Shopping , bright and early tomorrow and still LOOOADS to do!)

I did take a little break from show stuff to bake another batch of mini pumpkins. 

When it comes to these little devils less is NOT more! You need piles and piles of them on the mini doorstep, bookcase, scattered around the floor, all shapes and sizes. 
Here's how I did mine, they're really easy to personalise, use different shades of fimo, mix up the sizes, play about with the little faces. If you're very clever you could hollow one out completely and pop a light bulb in, though I've not tried it yet. Anyway, here we go,

What I used:
Orange fimo
Brown fimo fro stalks
Cocktail sticks
Chalk/ acrylic paint to shade (optional)

What I did:
Slice up the orange fimo into equal-ish sized lumps and roll into balls. I used a tile to work on to cut down on  finger prints in the clay. 

Flatten the top of each ball and mark a hole in the centre with the cocktail stick. Use the stick to mark lines all around the pumpkin. 

If you're doing carved pumpkins, carefully stab your little beauties in the face with a cocktail stick until they're smiling/ grimacing back at you! be careful not to squish the backs. 

If you're not doing carved pumpkins, roll some scraps of brown fimo and attach to the top of the pumpkin using the cocktail stick. 

If you're shading the pumpkins with chalks, gently brush the colour on before cooking the pumpkins.


When you're pumpkins are baked and cooled add some detail with acrylic paint if you fancy. 

All done! Display with pride ready for Halloween. 

Right, I'm off to pack lots of mini's for the show! Have a lovely weekend!


17 October 2012

Kitchen clear out


I've been avoiding all the things I should be doing by sitting and staring at my Big house. As you do.

I've decided it's all wrong!

I fear this is about to go much the same way as my little house did last year, ( I gutted it on a spur of the moment decision and spent the following year restoring it to some sort of presentable state)

But before I lose all control and crack out the wall paper scrapers I thought I'd start with a clear out.

First up is my kitchen range and surround. I got these when I was still working in the dolls house shop as a Saturday girl, so about 10 years ago. The surround is by Hearth and Home, i'm almost 100% certain the range is too but it doesn't have a stamp on it and it's not a light up one so can't say for definite.

They're lovely quality and have done a splendid job, but i've decided to modernize (only slightly, hopefully you'll see the replacements before Christmas!)

I hope they'll find a good home, both items are on Ebay , if you or a mini friend you know is in the market for a new kitchen range/ surround have a little look.

Will keep you posted on the re-vamp!

Kat x

12 October 2012

Week 41: Two colour, shabby chair


This week is a variation on one of the projects from way back at the very beginning Week 3: Shabby Chic Chair, mainly because I love painting & distressing stuff, which is just as well as I've been doing LOTS of it lately. (Note: Don't wear your good clothes to do this, they'll get mucky!)

What I used:
White wood chair
Undercoat paint (colour of your choice)
White paint
Fine sandpaper / nail file

What I did:
Firstly give the chair a coat of paint in your chosen colour.
Leave to dry before applying the top coat. You'll need to leave the paint to really dry thoroughly before the next part.
You can use any paint really, Week 3 I used acrylic, for these ones I used chalk paint which I ADORE. Though it is much, much dustier when it comes to sanding.

(The bit I love best about this sort of project is that if it's messy, or lumpy or uneven or whatever, it doesn't matter because you can sand it to buggery later!)

Once you're sure the paint's dry it's time to cause distress!
Make sure you're work space is protected or clear of anything you don't want covered in paint dust.
Ready, steady, SAND!

I like to put worn patches on the seats of the chair to look like many, many, little bottoms have worn away the paint. Also pay attention to corners and feet , any areas where the chair would get regularly knocked about and worn.

Taking away the top coat of paint will reveal the coloured layer underneath, depending on how shabby you want the chair to look just keep going until you see wood grain.

When you're chair is distressed to your satisfaction give it a little dust, and maybe a wipe with a very slightly damp cloth to remove any residue.

Sit back and admire!


8 October 2012

Week 40: Coffin kit


Well, our first show was a success! Phew!
Met lots of lovely people and sold lots of little things, can't wait for the next one!

I haven't forgotten I owe you a mini make, this week's is a little macabre as I've decided to show you one of the kits I made up for the show...the coffin!! Consider this a warm up for Halloween!
This is really more of a review than a tutorial but hope you enjoy it any way!

What I used:
x1 mahogany, wood coffin kit
Fine sandpaper
Wood glue
Varnish/oil/wax to finish (optional)

What I did:
Before you get started read though the instructions once or twice then give all the wood sections a little smooth over with the sandpaper.

Following the instructions, begin gluing the base and side sections together, ensure you wipe away in excess glue quickly else it might show on the finished coffin. The same applies for the lid.
Don't rush the lid! You want it to sit neatly inside the base and be flush to all the edges, wonky will not do! (For once!)

Don't forget to build the trestles! You'll want something to prop the little coffin on later.

Allow to dry thoroughly before handling.

Now, the instructions recommended a  few ways to finish the wood. It's lovely quality mahogany and looks fab when varnished, waxed or polished to a high shine. Because I was lazy and in a rush I left the wood un-finished but I think this looks very nice too!

To complete the coffin, apply the brass fittings. Be VERY sparing with glue else it will ooze out everywhere and look messy/ be a pain to clean off.

Leave to dry.
All that's left is to decide where you're going to display your sinister miniature and who you're going to put in it! Mwahahaha!


5 October 2012



A 52 week challenge project!!

With everything that needed needs doing, ready for our first dollshouse show this weekend I have failed to put together a project post, booo!

Will catch up on Monday after the show (which I plan to spend in my PJ's!).

Here's a glimpse of the general chaos, just starting to pack and make lists. Lots and lots of lists!

Hope you all have a fab weekend, maybe see some lovely faces in Basildon this Sunday?

SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER: Open 10.30 to 4.

2 October 2012

Dolly's daydreams show preview

I've dropped off the radar a little this week. 
This Sunday I'm off to Essex for Four Little Walls first dolls house fair .
Very busy, very excited!!

Here's a little preview of some of the furniture you'll be able to clap eyes on at the stand. 
Hope you like it!!


1 October 2012

And the winner is....

Well it's winners actually.

Before I get to the big reveal I want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody that took the time to take part in the mini survey, I really, really appreciate it, wish everybody could win!!

Also a big thank you to all of you that sugessted a name for the monkey, there was some fab suggestions.

So, without further ado, the winner of the room box is...

Kim Stuart - Gregory

Congratulations Kim, I'll be in touch to discuss room-box specifications ASAP. :)

The winning name for name that monkey was...

Congratulations JJ Creations! 
Let me know what your choice of mini book is and I'll pop it in the post asap. :)

Thanks again to everybody that took part in both draws, and well done to the winners.