3 September 2012

Week 35: Knock knock

Better late than never!

Here's week 34, a little look at doors.

I've been playing about with ideas for the house I took to the show, I fitted 'stunt doors' into all the rooms so there was plenty of scope!

All the doors pictured started life as bare, light wood.

I've used real brass door knobs on all of them (supplier unknown I'm afraid, have had them over 10 years.), though we'll have a closer look at knobs and knockers later!

Stained in Georgian Oak

Shabby style White wash with heart decoration

Terrace front doors painted in Crown La Petite Maison Armoise

And The Nursery paint company 'Rosie Cheeks'

Still think there's a lot more I can do with a door! Want to try out varnishes and some glossy paints. In the mean time here's a little bit of inspiration over on my Pinterest page!

Tips for successful door painting:

  • DONT rush it!! You'll be ever so upset if you paint the door shut.
  • Apply a number of thin coats of paint rather than one thick one. You'll get a better finish and won't lose any detail of the wood or mouldings under yucky paint globs.
  • If your door has any perspex panels in it make sure they're suitably masked off before you start throwing paint about. (Unless you've got a very steady hand, in which case fire away.)

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