2 September 2012

A little sex & the city?

You may well have already seen the pics doing the rounds in the press / online?
No, not Prince Harry sans pants, I'm talking about the work of artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. Images have been doing the rounds after he created some lovely sketches of famous TV/ film floor plans, including The Big Bang theory, Friends and my all time favourite fictional flat,belonging to none other than Sex & the City's, Carrie Bradshaw.

Had series 1-6 pretty much on a loop for the whole of my degree. (and went through a phase of changing the language settings to see if it would help me learn French. It didn't.)
After 13 house moves in 7 years, I've probably spent more time round Carrie's than any of my own so naturally got a little over excited when I saw this!

Fans will have their own opinions about the decor, while I loved it though out the series the little make over in  the first movie was pretty lovely. (I'm not willing to discuss the 2nd movie, let's please pretend it didn't happen.)

Entrance (circa the series)

Bedroom (circa the movie!)

The closet. sigh.

Kitchen (after the post -break -up, make-over.)

All this oggling pictures of floor plans and layouts and interiors got the dolls house weirdo part of my brain ticking...Sex and the city dolls house? It may have to be done. I'm sure somebody somewhere has probably already had a go, if so would LOVE to see some pics please?! 

p.s I'm aware I still owe you week:35 from the 52 week challenge! apologies if anybody was waiting on it.
I gave myself a little holiday last week so we'll play catch up tomorrow. 


  1. esos planos y esas fotografias tienen una muy buena pinta , como seguidora de la serie , opino lo mismo , la segunda pelicula no deberian haberla hecho , en cuanto al tu preocupacion por el reto , todos tenemos derecho a un pequeño descanso , asi que no te preocupes , ahora tendras que recuperar el tiempo



  2. that's quite an idea!!! it is really exciting what all you people come up with!! ( ps..i agree on that quote on the second film...:) )
    Greetings, Anne

  3. I think that's a great idea! I've probably seen every Sex and the City episode about 3 times, maybe 4 :)

  4. http://www.ebay.es/itm/Carrie-Bradshaws-Apartment-Floorplan-from-S-TC-Medium-/160884964908?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_186&hash=item25757dbe2c#ht_977wt_1344