3 August 2012

Week 31: Chalk board desk

Well. I don't know about the rest of you, but all this Olympic stuff is wearing me out!

Ironically I've spent the last week glued to the sofa watching those ever so fit, active people do crazy things.
(I'm still recovering from Jessica Ennis sprint just now. Nearly missed it while making a coffee!)

Anyway, Olympics aside I HAVE just about had time to remember minis this week.

Today's little project involves chalk board paint, which I adore.

Some of you may have already spotted this in the new issue of The Dolls House magazine.
(If not go bag yourself a copy quick! It's a bed & bath special, + there's a super pretty, Stokesay ware, tea set to be won!)

What I used:

Spray paint
Masking tape
Chalkboard paint
Bare wood desk

What I did:
I used spray paint for this project. Not something I'd usually go for but I really the colour and it was done and dry in half the time brushing on acrylic would have taken me. It does STINK though.
If working with spray paint please, please , please make sure you work somewhere properly ventilated. Outside ideally! Oh, and also well away from the animals. Between the dog and the tortoise roaming free in the garden it's amazing neither ended up a dodgy shade of 'Manilla' and poisoned by paint fumes.
(I would like to stress that neither of those things actually happened and no animals were harmed in the making of this mini!)

Ensure the item you're spraying (it doesn't have to be a desk!) is dust and dirt free, when you're satisfied it's clean you're free to go crazy with the spray can.
Don't hold it too close else the paint will pool and run, you're aiming for a couple of thin, even coats.
This stuff is touch dry within a few minutes so it was easy to re-touch any patchy areas/ turn the piece around for even coverage.

It was a sunny day when I did this so I left the desk to dry/ air out the fumes for about an hour. Amazing how stinky the paint can still be when you bring it inside.

When the paint's totally dry, apply masking tape along the top edge of the desk (or where ever you DON'T want chalk board paint to appear.)
The paint I was using was really very old and smelly. It needed a good stir before using too. My advice, buy new if you can!
Amazingly, this only needed one coat but it did need a while to dry fully.
I would leave 2-3 hours before trying to write on the chalk paint. Remove the masking tape carefully before the paint has dried.

When completely dry your desk is ready to be graffitied/scribbled on / decorated as you see fit!

Sigh. Did I mention I LOVE chalk paint?!

Right, back to the Olympics!

Have a lovely weekend!