2 August 2012

Shopping: Etsy loving

Just lost a few hours on Etsy. (It's easily done!)

Have an oggle at these little beauties, I love, want and need them all! Sigh.

See the bottom of the post for links to makers and their items


  1. son unas buenas compras , asi que no es tiempo perdido



  2. I figured out how to comment on your post Kat! Aren't I a rockstar? I too adore etsy...in fact I'm considering going there next to look for a hand made wallet.
    Many of the intricately designed minis on etsy are out of my price range but I've also found amazing deals on there, where shipping is free or a dollar! That is a much better deal than what you would pay at a huge online miniatures store, and you are getting an original piece. I dream of perhaps selling some things on Etsy some day. Probably not minis (you never know though!) but some of the natural beauty products I make. There are some which I wouldn't be comfortable shipping but others, like lip balms and bath teas, would do just fine!