27 July 2012

Week 30: Sugar rush


It's Friday, it's Olympic opening ceremony day, it's Mexican food night, it's an evening fueled by mojito's as my littlest sister flys the nest AND it's week 30, THIRTY?! of the 52 week challenge. Phew.

I'm going to be honest with you, I'd planned something a little more involved for this week, but for many reasons (some listed above, some not!) that little gem is not ready for you yet.
So, here is my back up project!

Sweets, candy what ever you like to call them, all ways seem to go down a treat so today we're making little bags of licorice all sorts. Yum!

What I used:
Polymer clay in -Black, orange, pink, yellow and pale blue
Brown paper
PVA glue
Paper clip/ mini peg

What I did:
First you need to prepare several canes of polymer clay.
If you're not familiar with the caning technique I would recommend hitting up a few youtube videos to help get your head around it.
It's amazing what some makers have the patience to achieve with this, I am not quite so skilled so only stretch to these all sorts but they're a good starting point.

For the pink and blue with black licorice centres I rolled a very thin sausage of black clay and then cloaked it in large layer of of pink/blue clay. Then roll the whole thing so all creases and joins have smoothed out.

To create the square varieties, layer black, orange and black clay then press the sides evenly until you're left with a long, rectangular strip.

Repeat with which ever colour varieties you like, if you're not a fan of licorice you could try using candy coloured clay's to create dolly mixtures with the same technique.

Bake in the oven following the manufacturers instructions (and as usual, bake a test batch first to ensure you don't cremate your work!) then, when cooled, slice thinly with a scalpel to create individual sweets.

To create the paper bags cut a strip of brown paper (you could even re-use a real sweet bag for this one?!)
I usually cut mine just below a cm high and 1.5 cm long.

Fold the strip in half and glue the inside and bottom edges carefully. Fold over as tiny and neatly as you can to  close the bag.
Make sure the open end of the bag has not become glued shut. Attach a paper clip or small peg to the edges of the paper to hold flat while the glue's drying, This will ensure a nice, neat seal.
When the bags have dried use a cocktail stick to apply glue to the inside of the bag, while the glue's still wet fill the bag with your sweet slices and put to one side to dry.

You should now have a sweet selection ready to pop in your mini  kitchen or shop. Try filling glass canisters or dishes if you don't like the look of the bags.

Well, that's our sugar fix for today!

I'm off to make chilli ready for the hungry, Olympic watching folks due around here in a bit.
If you are tuning in for the opening ceremony, enjoy! We'll be watching out for a project I helped my Dad with,( it's not a dolls house!) won't reveal what until next time, don't want to spoil any surprises for the show!

Hope you have a fab weekend!

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